Dangriga UDP launches its 2018 – 2021 ManifestoSunday February 4th 2018. Print E-mail
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Thursday, 08 February 2018 00:00

The Dangriga United Democratic Party launched its Town Council Elections Manifesto 2018–2021 this afternoon with the theme “Improving Lives, Development You Can See, Transformation you can feel.

The gathering was well attended by a throng of ardent UDP family and supporters. Town Administrator Peter Parchue took the role of Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon. Parchue introduced the Nunez sisters and the Garifuna Heartbeats who did an excellent job with the Belizean National Anthem accompanied by the ever present cultural drums.  The anthem was followed by the invocation offered by Reverend Elswith Clare; and Deputy Mayor Earth Lopez did the welcoming address.  Ms. Lopez was followed by Councilor Yadira Diego who presented on Infrastructure.  Councilor Diego said, “We will get the job done because we have been doing it.” Meanwhile, Councilor Gary Francisco an avid sports enthusiast and a former member of various ‘Griga basketball franchises presented on sports and lifestyle.  A “baller” at heart, Francisco says that the new Russell “Chiste” Garcia auditorium will be home to an annual Mayor’s Basketball tournament.

Deputy Mayor Lopez returned to the podium to present on Socio-Economic Development.  Lopez took the opportunity to passionately explain to the audience some of the many things that the Council has achieved since being elected to office. “Our town has experienced tremendous growth in business and commerce.  We will not stop at that” she said. “We have streamlined the granting of Trade Licenses to facilitate the expansion of many businesses.  We offered early payment discounts and plans to reward responsible tax payers; regularized our employee’s status and incentivized them to provide better service for our citizens and we have many more to offer. Such as expanding the main market to accommodate more vendors, pursue investment capital to complete the Havana Creek Tourism Project and complete the South-Side Market just to name a few.” Alexander “Lexxus” Joseph spoke about the importance of traffic and public safety in a growing Dangriga.  He said, “We are committed to continue our seriousness about public safety.  We have increased the presence of Traffic Wardens on heavily trafficked streets.  We have also installed traffic signs and speed bumps.  The recently paved Gadsby Ramos Street and the southern section of Trucking Boulevard are two of the many roadways that got signage and speed bumps.”

Veteran educator Cheryl Molina was next.  Councilor Molina stated the facts.  “We have purchased a new garbage compactor truck for garbage collection, a grader for regular street maintenance and rehabilitation, two tractors for regular bushing and other duties, opening of a new sanitary landfill, elimination of illegal dump sites, and partnering in the implementation of the Lakeland beautification project.  We have achieved so many things and plan to continue achieving more. We are in the process of acquiring another garbage compactor truck and other machinery.”  Former Dangriga Mayor Aaron “Jake” Gongora elaborated on how the Council will collaborate with tourism stakeholders to make “Culture Capital” a vibrant tourist destination as well as partner with corporate citizens to develop new enterprises which generate jobs for “Grigalizeans.”

The always ready and “fired-up” Mayor Francis Humphreys received a rousing applause but told the party faithful that he would have to curtail his presentation to give The Right Honorable Prime Minister and Party Leader Dean O. Barrow the “mic”.  Special guest speaker, Prime Minister Barrow came to the podium and he also fired up the crowd. “Why would you want to elect the opposition while things are going smoothly here in Dangriga.  It’s never a disappointment to come to Dangriga.” He added, “To the skeptics who say we’re not doing so well and we shouldn’t expect to win again”, the PM said “why the heck not”!  Area Representative Hon. Frank Mena also delivered a short speech saying, “It’s always a tough act to come up and speak after the Prime Minister.  But we should all keep in mind that we are one family UDP.” In the closing Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber also agreed with Minister Mena saying that having to speak after both these gentlemen is just as difficult, if not more difficult.