Garifuna branch from San Ignacio holds workshop in Orange walk Print E-mail
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Thursday, 08 February 2018 00:00

The National Garifuna Council, San Ignacio Branch conducted a workshop on Saturday with Garifuna women in Orange Walk to embrace their cultural heritage. The women examined the Garifuna history, language, food, customs, and songs. This is happening as there is already dialogue to launch a Women’s arm in the Hopkins, to be referred to as the Sandy Beach Women’s Cooperative, the first Garifuna Women’s Cooperative in the country of Belize.

“Elder women counsel and mentoring the young, I am passing on the legacy through the Grace of God,” says Ellis, who is the President of the National Garifuna Council in San Ignacio and led the team  to Orange Walk.

“Deep nation building discussion, we are on the way transforming ourselves our families communities and nation, enough is enough.” She stated.