Troy Gabb gone crazy; the PUP’s Violence and the PUP’s baggage Print E-mail
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Thursday, 08 February 2018 00:00

What type of idiot is Troy Grab ?  Now he is saying, that government should Nationalize the Mahogany Heights lands and work out a payment plan with the owners of the land and pay for the land for the homeowners. Was he not the person in charge when we were made  to  pay the wrong person for that property ? Why should we pay a second time for his “folly?” It is plain common sense that since the area has some major development on it we would have to pay market value. We wonder if maybe Troy would be able, to tell us, who collected the kickbacks when the wrong person was paid for the land. Or maybe Troy could perhaps tell us who all would likely collect kickbacks, if his bright idea were ever to become a reality.

So the PUP had one of their very few remaining supporters out west, threaten and assault Mayor Earl Trapp and his campaigners last Thursday? Does the PUP not know that not even violence will get them a victory out West? Mayor Trapp and his team are running on their record and that’s what’s giving them that huge advantage over their PUP opponents. The current PUP Mayoral candidate dares not present his record as Mayor, because residents will remember how he walked away from that position the last time they voted for him. It is so easy to stand on one’s record, if that record is one of hard work and productivity.

Were the women of the PUP sending the leader of the PUP a message on Sunday, when they song and danced  Gabagga William’s song “Malate Isien (Worthless Love)”  and Paul Nabor’s song “Naguya Nei (I am moving on)” , as Johnny entered the Conference Hall? Were they telling Johnny that the love he feels he is getting is worthless? Who were they suggesting is moving on?  Better yet did Karim have anything to do with the messages that were being sent?

After checking out the list of PUP candidates for the Municipal Elections and looking at the readily available information of the baggage some of them are carrying, we are now convinced that the PUP is creating its own real life game show that could be titled “BAGGAGE.” The baggage some of them are carrying range from ; quitting on the job ; to  being Malpagos ; being  incompetent managers ; being shakedown artist ; being con artist ; being petty thieves; to being involved in trafficking in artifacts ; to not paying in monies collected for on behalf of the government, via Social Security and GST; to embezzlement; stealing and selling of MILITARY ARMS and AMMUNITION; to being outright THIEVES and  CRIMINALS.  If some of these candidates were travelling by airplane, they would definitely be charged for EXCESSIVE BAGGAGE.