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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 08 February 2018 00:00

It is interesting, but very painful to watch and listen to the rubbish of Johnny and the PUP in their ads. One dumb cry over and over and over i.e. you can’t eat streets and that too much is spent on roads, bridges, stadiums, sporting facilities, etc. That political position is just silly, foolish, stupid, nonsense... especially since they built nothing that looks decent. Their bridges have fallen into the water, their houses lean and their housing projects have been taken over by termites! BILLIONS stolen, that is what you have to remember on Election Day! Protect yourself and the Jewel from Musa & Fonseca!

It is the infrastructural development that makes the lives of people that much more tolerable. Are the passengers of taxis, buses, cars, bicycles, strollers, tricycle carts and pedestrians sad to be walking, riding and driving on improved all weather streets? Are commuters and travelers angry that they can ride comfortably and efficiently on good roads? Are farmers and vehicle drivers disgusted that they can carry just about anything to the intended destinations and get farm products to the markets, and return home in good time? Are needy people sad to be able to get food packages or are parents unhappy to receive some $300.00 towards high school for their children and help paying for their CXC exams? Are not the many workers happy that they are afforded jobs to earn money to maintain and feed their families, send their children to school? That is what Infrastructural Development does for people! Eat food, use infrastructure!

All of the above with the exception of none are people centered, but Johnny is so dense that he talks the same rubbish over and over and over, ad nauseam.  The March 7th Municipal Elections are almost upon us and to date the PUP have said nothing, zilch about what they will do or even what they have done when they were in office. The PUP has been around since the 1950’s yet we know of nothing good that they have done for the Jewel. In fact during their time all they did was to run up bills to saddle tax payers with unbearable financial burdens with absolutely nothing to show for the BILLIONS gone. Indeed, one PUP mayor signed some checks and pocketed taxpayers’ monies! His checks bounced, of course! Why would citizens want to elect such people who in addition to being raw hustlers are also very incompetent? They set up ridiculous contracts and saddle BELIZEANS with the bills. Major mess, which is their handiwork, is always left for the UDP to clean... The difference between the dynamic, hardworking and competent UDP and the Pirates United to Plunder is crystal clear... The PUP will bring this country down; again! Consider this note a warning: PUP is BAD for you, me and the Jewel…

An extremely interesting thing to note is that Johnny is not even aware that he spouts pure, unadulterated rubbish. The Moosas, father and son and the likes of Julius [to fool us] and dodo bird Cordel; yes Cordel, leave him to look and sound bad so that they can prove that he is not leader material.  They will then pounce on him on the ides of March, and wrestle control of the Criminal Gang from him! The Amandala Editorial was very, very clear: SELF-INTEREST!  They do not even know that there is really NO place in electoral politics for SELF-INTEREST. It is about the PEOPLE! Politics comes from the Greek POLIS and POLITEIA which to Plato and Aristotle meant “city state” to “rights of citizens” to “form of government.” Politics was NEVER about the “self-interest” of the candidates – IT IS ABOUT SERVING THE CITIZENS! The simple proper technical term: artificial border rewired Mose’s few hypoxic neurons! I am telling you that now the word ‘politics’ has messed up Dodo Bird Cordel, X, and the son-in law. They are looking for advertisement $$$$ and baby scholarship $$$$ when they should be about trying to help roots Belizeans! Remember PUDP was very, very, very bad – until son and son-in-law took over the PUP. The Disingenuous Leader of the Independents and the Third Parties abandoned ship, in favor of the PUP, all for perceived $$$$... I will vote against PUP to prevent a terrible tsunami of baby vouchers! I beg you to do the same…