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Written by By January 28, 2003   
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adj. scared, afraid, hesitant.

“They scared to death, they scared to look, they shook... cause ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks.” Mobb Deep, Shook Ones

According to the talk in the street and using an urban slang, the PUP is SHOOK. With less than a month left to Municipal Elections it is clearly being seen that the LEADERSHIP and the supporters of the PUP are running scared and are now desperate. They appear to be willing to do anything to try and salvage some more votes in order not to suffer too much of a large defeat. In their desperation they first began to try and turn the people against the UDP by saying that the things that have been done by the present UDP administered Councils was not beneficial to the residents of those municipalities. That did not work because the people remember what they had before and have been able to compare that with what they have now. For many years residents of the various municipalities had to endure and suffer extreme hardship under incompetent and or thieving PUP Administrations. Now they have seen a new beginning and they don’t want to go back to the days of the PUP.

Next on the agenda for the frightened and desperate PUP, was their campaign of lies. They came up with stories after stories to try and create a perception that the UDP Projects were about hustles and the people were being shortchanged and not getting value for money. However once again the residents of the municipalities remember what was done during the PUP time and are able to compare those things with what they are getting now. They can do that even though the works that were mostly WHITE ELEPHANTS and PUSS EENA BAG that were done during the PUP era are mostly no longer around. However the bills from them are still with us. Unlike the projects under the UDP. The UDP projects are there standing out as shinning examples of what money got us. On this side of the political devide, we believe that if you work the money, then there will be NO MONEY TO STEAL. The PUP on the other hand believes in STEALING THE MONEY SO THAT THERE WILL BE NO MONEY TO WORK WITH!

For their third phase they went straight to racism, vandalism, scare tactics, intimidation, threats and finally violence. Even though we have gotten used to the racism, vandalism, scare tactics intimidation and threats that the PUP have always used, we still need to highlight them. We have lived with and have accepted them for what they are, plain old PUP Standard Operation. However the violence is what we won’t accept. We have our supporters and they outnumber that of the PUP. We would not want to see any confrontation that would see violence between us and the PUP. The PUP is our main POLITICAL OPPONENT, they are not our ENEMY. We don’t need to experience the type of political fallout that opposing political parties have in our neighboring Central American Republics. Belize is a small country with a small population, many of us are related to each other.

We’ve spoken to our people and have impressed on them the need to keep away from getting caught up in the violence being brought to the fore by the PUP. However we have many supporters and we are not always around to defuse situations. Even if we are around we perhaps won’t be able to calm our people down, if they were to see us being violently attacked or if they themselves were being attacked. As humans our first resort when advanced upon is to hit back. Incidents like what happened last week when Mayor Trapp and his campaigners were attacked last week has no place in politics. The PUP needs to speak to their supporters in the same way that we’ve spoken to our’s about not resorting to violence. We expect to hear the leadership especially the MAXIMUM LEADER OF THE PUP, speak out against the violence, OR WE WILL THEN CONCLUDE, THAT THOSE ACTS OF VIOLENCE HAVE BEEN SANCTIONED BY THE LEADERSHIP OF THE PARTY.