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Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

So the People’s United Party decided to bring their song and dance to Belize City. It was definitely no Love Fest of yonder years and it certainly did not feature any of the Caliente Girls but it sure did bring back memories of who the True Blue of the PUP actually are.

All we had to do is watch the very first few minutes of the three hour long program and we were jolted to the reality that the Malignant tumors are now out of remission. The chemotherapy applied by the electorate on February 7, 2008 had the tumors in remission from then. But almost 10 years later, it seems that the tumors are returning. The announcement by one MC shouting the names Said Musa and Francis Fonseca who gladly stood at the right and left of Johnny Briceno caused shivers across the backs of everyone watching. Johnny it seemed, as hopeless, hapless and helpless as he is, could not help but to embrace these malignant tumors.

But those tumors did not appear alone, shortly after that announcement came the announcement that the accompanying malignant growths are also back. The public was treated to the harsh reality that along with Musa and Fonseca came the baggage. The baggage of the likes of Eamon Courtenay, Chris Coye, Narda Garcia, Victor Espat, Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, Bill Lindo, Paul Thompson . Did we say Narda Garcia, Carolyn Trench and Bill  Lindo? Those names are worth repeating. Any of our younger readers need only look up these names on the local news sites and educate themselves of their misdeeds and of all of those who are now part of the executive of the PUP.

But more than telling Belizeans that the True Blue of the PUP is back at the helm, the program droned on and on, an unguided showcase, with no point and no end it seemed. This was the opportunity they should have taken to tell the public what it is that their various teams would do at the various municipalities but instead they resurrected the dead, or almost dead. We heard from Old Lencho and he carried on and on about the splintering of the Cane Farmers Association and the days of old when the Prime Minister would interfere in everything in this country.

Then it was about Johnny and his suffering and his inability to be a leader. All in all the public cannot tell what it is that the various teams will do to improve the municipalities that they want to represent.

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