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Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

The Government of Belize, the Social Investment Fund, and the Caribbean Development Bank have collaborated to build a new water system which will support the villages of Lucky Strike, Rock Stone Pond, Maskall, Santana, Corozalito, and Saint Ann’s. These villages along the Old Northern Highway hadn’t gotten this much needed improvement in over 30 years.

It’s called the upgraded Maskall Rudimentary Water System, and it is located in Maskall Village.  It is capable of providing 20,000 gallons from the elevated tank, and it can also supply an additional 20,000 gallons from a secondary tank that was built underground. The Government says that this is the first of its kind to be built in Belize. A pump house with an electrical system and monitoring equipment makes up part of the project. To ensure that Santana Village was properly connected, a pressure sustaining valve and distribution lines were installed to improve the delivery of water to that village. Valve inspection boxes, air release valves, a high performance water meter with security enclosures and meters were installed at every home. Other important elements of the project include road crossings, a galvanized bridge crossing, a pump, a motor, motor controls, pipe tie-ins, a chlorinating unit, a mechanical and electrical level control unit, and a security fence for the water compound.

The Water Project was funded with a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank, and counterpart funding from the Government of Belize, it costs $999,494.96. The project was implemented by the Social Investment Fund.

1,500 residents and 330 homes have been connected to this reliable supply of safe water. The hope is that it will reduce the occurrence of water-borne, food-born, vector-borne, and communicable diseases.

On Wednesday, at the launch, Area Representative Hon. Edmond Castro told the press that in 1985, the village of Maskall was half the size that it is today, and so the system, which used to provide water, has now become obsolete. He is hoping that the new system will last for another 30 years or so.

So, the decision was taken that all these villages will be placed on the same water board, and they all will have access to this water system. Boston Village will get an upgrade to their system, which will be provided by Belize Water Services Limited. Bomba will be placed on this upgraded system at a later date.

As to the rates, Castro told the press that residents were paying $10 per 1000 gallon, and it has increased by $5. That’s still cheaper than the $17.49 that the rest of the mainland pays to BWL for their water connectivity. He also believes that this system will be self-sustaining for the villages connecting to it. If it needs to be expanded, they will be able to afford it without the Government having to step in and provide the upgrade.

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