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Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

In some PUP quarters, the claim is that the PUP had 15,000 on the ground for their much advertised  and hyped TSUNAMI. While in other PUP quarters the claim is as high as 20,000. Here at the Guardian and as suggested by many other non-political sources, it was more like 6,000 at its high point. However there are persons who are going out on a limb and giving them as much as 8,000. We won’t quarrel with  those persons who have suggested 8,000. What we will say though is that the two feet high surge and ankle deep water that we saw on Sunday was no way near the great TSUNAMI that the PUP had been predicting for over a month. Prior to Sunday they had, everything in their favour. They were advertising the event for over a month. The event was to be held two weeks ago but was called off and impending rains was the excuse used. That postponement created its own hype and  anticipation. Lastly they had a lot of money to spend. One would have expected that with all those things in their favour, Sunday would have been a huge success, but even with that in their favour they did not achieve the numbers and spinoff they had expected.

The PUP Lord/MASTER had his eyes on the scale on Sunday, so he is now demanding his change and his correct weight. From early Sunday morning we knew that the PUP were in trouble. We saw a couple big buses that were flying PUP flags and driving around Belize City. These buses were stopping in the back streets and neighbourhoods trying to pick up people but they were not having much success. Belize City folks are no fools. Not only were they demanding that Sunday be a PREPAID DAY, but they were also demanding that it should be a DOUBLE UP DAY, to make up for those times when they were jilted  by the PUP . Simply put, CITY RESIDENTS were not boarding the buses . Sunday is a very special day for Belize City folks . It is RICE N BEANS DAY, so it takes something very special to take them away from their homes. The PUP was not making the type of offer to accomplish that. Belize City folks knew the type of money the PUP had and they were not seeing the correct offers. We also had our people in the various localities across the country and on the outskirts of the city who were also reporting to us and the news was no different. Not many people were getting on the buses in those areas either.

Sunday was not a day that people could use to come to Belize City to conduct business, like going to Vital Stats to apply for a birth certificate or to go downtown, to buy. So the free ride to Belize City was not enticing enough. Most of the buses were rolling into Belize City practically empty. We use the term buses loosely because we were reliably  informed  by our people who were on the buses that the buses were more like BARS ON WHEELS. Rum, to be specific, mostly CONTRABAND RUM, was flowing aplenty on board these buses. Many of the people who got on the buses were taking the ride and the promised $50 as an outing  to come and see the much talked about improvements to Belize City. Places such as the NEWLY COMPLETED BELIZE CIVIC CENTER and the works taking place on the Phillip Goldson were top on their agenda. They wanted to use the opportunity to perhaps take a few selfies with the image of the Civil Center in the background. While some others just came for the $50 and or for the free beverages. The effects of the beverages, that were available on the buses was on display in high definition on Sunday.

Many of the persons who started the parade, either did not make it all the way to the culmination of the parade, while  others who made it there received the news that the bar was closed and the buses on which they came would be leaving in a short time; so many of them boarded the buses and left. A few others who were either too drunk to understand or were willing to wait for the bar to open. Some were of the opinion that the buses could not leave without them. They along with others who had alternate means of transportation or were just not ready to leave as yet, decided to stay. There were also some folks who just came to visit the city and they did not partake in the parade nor did they go to the convention. The evidence of that could be seen in the amount of out of town people moving around the city and on both highways. Many of the latter were caught off guard, to the fact that their buses had already gone, while they were out doing their own thing. Those were the persons who could be seen standing and sitting near the entrance of both highways late into Sunday evening and early night. They were forced to either travel back to their homes in the already overcrowded Sunday buses, of course at their own expense, or as some folks did, stay in Belize City with relatives or stayed at a hotel , at their own expense.