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Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

The National Council of the Ageing-NCA celebrated its fifteenth anniversary on Friday at the Belmopan Market Square with an interactive series of booth displays. There were four booths, with each portraying different aspects of the ageing process. All were visited by many children from surrounding schools.

In the first booth, a history of ageing took on a new light with descriptions on the development of the National Council of the Ageing over the last 15 years.  In the second booth, visitors had an opportunity to experience some of the changes that will normally occur as the ageing process proceeds, such as deterioration of hearing, vision and touch. The third booth generated much interest as it was a multimedia room where informative videos on ageing issues were shown. In the fourth booth, visitors had a chance to redeem their tickets for items of refreshments and NCA promotional items such as T-shirts, umbrellas and flash drives.

The Executive Director of the NCA, Ix Chel Poot, would like to thank GS-COM for the donated flash drives as well as ZETA and BTL for their support on Friday.

Some 20 lively senior volunteers and members of the NCA turned up on Friday to have an informational exchange with members of the public. One of the major goals met on Friday by the NCA was to continue advocating for the changes that are essential in Belizean Society to improve the standards of living for older people now and for generations to come.