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Thursday, 15 February 2018 00:00

The Belize City family and friends of Tyron ‘Ty Ty’ Gibson continue to mourn his loss after he was shot and killed in what appears to be gang related violence. His loved ones believe that a female lured him to his death.

Police say that at around 8:10 p.m., on Friday, February 9, they received information of a shooting incident on West Collet Canal. Officers responded, and they found Gibson, lying on the ground in front of the Michael Finnegan Market. The 20 year-old resident of Berry Street suffered several gunshot injuries: 1 to the right shoulder, 1 to the left upper arm, and 1 to the right side of the hip. The most serious injuries he suffered, however, were the two shots to the left side of his head, near his ear, and another to the top of the head. It appears this shooter was making sure that Gibson would not survive this attempt on his life.

Initial police investigations are that about 10 minutes or so before police got the call, Gibson was standing at the corner of West Collet Canal and Hicatee Street. He was waiting for the arrival of some unknown female, and that’s when a gunman approached him and opened fire. In the spray of gunfire, Gibson was severely injured.

The cops arrived on time to try to rush him to the KHMH, but about 29 minutes later, he passed away while undergoing medical treatment.

His mother, Dianne Gibson, told the press that he only just celebrated his birthday on February 4, five days before he was shot and killed. She said that some female was texting her son, telling him that they would meet.

Gibson said, “…He was waiting for her all day and she did not appear three times in a row. At the end of the day he went to wait at the bus terminal but he was led to the wrong area. He knows he was out of his boundary in the turf that we live. I feel like whoever did it knows that we are from that area there. It was totally wrong what they did because he was not a gang member.”

While Gibson asserts that her son was not part of the street life, his personal Facebook page has some elements which suggest that he was. He lists himself as working for “slaughter gang, PIV gang”. He also has a photograph with him posing with a weapon; it is uncertain if this is a real firearm, or a child’s toy. He is also seen in his own photographs throwing up gang signs. It is unclear whether or not Gibson was indeed affiliated with any gang, or if he was simply fascinated with the image of the gang culture. His mother told the press that his passion was music; according to her, he liked rap music. Police say they also have reason to believe that he was an affiliate of one of the rival groups in the Lake Independence area.

The cops say that they recovered 5 expended shells on the scene, and they’ve since detained 1 man, and his vehicle was impounded. He’s being investigated to determine if he has any connection to Gibson’s murder.