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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

The United Democratic Party pulled out the stops countrywide and the fine-tuned election machinery cranked up the gears and displayed the might of the party. It was Nomination Day and all across the country thousands of UDP supporters took to the streets to take their candidates for the respective municipalities to be nominated to contest the March 7th election.

The combustion of the well oiled machinery was in full form and across the country the support could not be denied. This was most evident in Belize City as over 3,000 of the party faithful gathered in front of the UDP headquarters just as rains threatened the activities. The crowds were undaunted and one by one the ten Belize City constituents filed in with their soldiers all clad in red. Albert was the exception - they wore white shirts with red lettering. All the generals were present and they led the party faithful down Vernon Street into Central American Boulevard and onto Mahogany Street to the final destination, the Charles Bartlet Hyde building. Along the way the party leader, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow met up with the troops and headed to complete the mission.

Under the over imposing sway of a larger than life UDP flag, the 11 candidates each marched up the stairs of the building to be nominated. At the end of the process the media had their fill, speaking to each candidate as they expressed their joy and hopes for the election. Shortly there after the Party Leader huddled with as many candidates as were readily available to give them the leader’s pep talk.

Wednesday’s showing was impressive and did not disappoint. The UDP is in fighting form and come March 7th, all municipalities will once again be conquered by the Red Army.

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