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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

The Belize History Association (BHA) held its first meeting for 2018 on Saturday at the National Institute of Culture and History headquarters in Belmopan. A driving force for the meeting was to review the achievements and the steps now needed to promote history across Belize.

Current chair of the BHA, Dr. Abigail McKay, was present at the meeting to inspire Belize’s historians and transcribers of Belizean history.

BHA member Margaret Ventura was also present and she remarked that as Belizeans we need to begin to appreciate our own history, creativity and cultural diversity. So that when the foreign content on our televisions are severed due to copy right laws “…we will already have all Belizean” contents.

The BHA operates on an annual $25,000.00 budget, but for this fiscal year only had access to half on that amount. Nevertheless, the Institute for Cultural and Social Research (ICSR) is ever present to act in a supporting role of the BHA.

In moving forward, the BHA has plans for a general history project, where a history text book will be written. BHA will also continue with its collection of oral history in George Town for the next five years and the current proposal is to move to Seine Beight since the research is now showing that both have interconnections.  BHA’s biggest cost of $10,000.00 goes towards the collection of our oral history.

Dr. McKay urged that the collection of oral history continue in urgency given that our elderly folks are moving on.

In light of BHA’s noble goals, a fundraising drive committee was set up over the weekend. This committee is considered to be crucial to provide the forward momentum for the BHA.

The Belize History Association now has its own facebook page at /belize.history.association and website at www.belizehistory where there are interactive data of its activities across Belize. All Belizeans are being urged to join the BHA by filling out a membership form, which can also be done online at The public can also contact this jewel, the BHA,  at 822-3307 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it