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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

One day after presenting her Letters of Credence to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young; Janet Omoleegho Olisa, High Commissioner of Nigeria to Belize, shared some words on the Belize-Nigeria diplomatic relations. She started thanking the people of Belize for being very hospitable to her since her arrival from Kingston, Jamaica on Sunday, February18, 2018, where she is officially based. She will be working in that post for the next 3 years.

High Commissioner Olisa highlighted the Nigeria-Belize relationship saying “Nigeria-Belize is a very important relationship for us, in the sense that we are one people that have passed over the centuries through the movement in the Trans-Atlantic and we are grateful to God for the ability to reconnect.” The relationship has continued to grow and has progressed through a technical agreement. That agreement enables Nigeria to provide any form of technical assistance which the Government of Belize so chooses. To Olisa, this is in an effort to enhance development; “that we all develop, because the Nigerian Government – it doesn’t really matter which administration – but it has always been our main core foreign policy that we bring other countries in our South-South cooperation apart with us.”

Very importantly, High Commissioner stressed the point that is not the Nigerian belief that any one country be a superpower while others are struggling. “We believe in co-existing, we believe in helping those who need help, and for us to move together and to be able to co-exist in a very harmonious way and that led to the technical assistance being provided.” Alongside the benefit of Belize, the High Commissioner also pinpointed the possibility of a mutualistic relationship, even on terms as small as learning from Belize’s banana plantations and other agricultural and trade techniques and implementing that in Nigeria. High Commissioner Olisa considers it her wish to see a further bilateral relationship which encourages other such programs among the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) Countries.

The Nigerian population in Belize is a healthy one. “We have a very vibrant and professional Nigerian community in Belize, mostly in the health sector and I had a meeting with them. They expressed that they have been well-treated by the Belizean people, and I hope that this will be a continuous trend because we are one people, one race.” According to Olisa, it is possible that technical assistance be provided beyond the scope of the health sector. For example, lecturers, teachers, persons in the judiciary, and artisans have been provided in Jamaica, Gambia, and other countries, both part and apart of the ACP countries.