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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

For a few days now the PUP had been promising that they would be able to replicate the showing that they  had at their National Convention. However, they were unable to get the Belize City folks out on Nomination Day in any large number so as to faze the UDP. Based on our estimation and those of other persons we spoke to, the PUP had a little over 600 people at the high point of their Nomination Day Parade. There numbers were so small that even Shakron, who is not good with numbers could count them; there was no need to ask Jules.

On the other hand, the UDP brought out an estimated crowd of just over 3,000, according to our estimate. There was also a huge throng of UDP friendly persons who lined up along the parade route and cheered the UDPs on as they passed by. Such was not the case earlier when it was the PUP’s turn. The UDP delivered on its promise to bring out their supporters and flex its muscle in Belize City. The gauntlet has been thrown down by the UDP and the PUP does not appear to be in any form to answer to the challenge from the UDP. We understand that it was the same show across the country, as the UDP pulled bigger crowds than the PUP.

Prior to Nomination Day we knew that the PUPs were in trouble, but we did not know how much trouble they were in. After Nomination Day, we realized that the PUP has major trouble on their hands. Their trouble stems from three things: the UDP has been doing a great job in all the municipalities where the UDP is the incumbent. Then, the PUP has been unable to show that they are any different from the last time they were in government, either Central Government or Municipal Government. The third reason is the caliber of the candidates; the PUP are unable to sell its slates to the electorate.

On a very important side note in Belize City, we noticed that at the end of the PUP Parade, there was a party truck, behind it, there was the BULK OF THE PUP SUPPORTERS. If we did not know better, we would have thought that Kareem Musa was running for an elections, from the way that the crowd was shouting and chanting Kareem’s name. They were shouting so hard that perhaps Johnny who was all the way in the front of parade probably heard their chanting for Kareem. These elections may also be seen as an election for the Leadership of the PUP.