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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

As we go to press on February 21, 2018, which is just 13 days before campaigning stops and the Municipal Elections are to take place on Wednesday March 7th, the PUP has still not come up with a Manifesto in any of the nine Municipalities as yet . Even Mr. Torres, a man who many people believe is a bit eccentric and might not be playing with a full deck, has come up with a few things that  he would do  if he were ever to be elected. He has not published those things in any written form but at least he has made them public. The PUP on the other hand has said no such thing. All they have been doing in every municipality is to attack Central Government as if though this were an election to elect a Central Government.

A manifesto is about coming up with ideas, based on what is necessary to make things better in the area where one is seeking office; those ideas must then be fleshed out and turned into a doable blueprint or plan and presented to your constituents for their approval at an election. The PUP apparently don’t even have an idea of what it takes or how to run a municipality and that is why we believe they have not come up with any manifesto. They clearly cannot top the work that the present UDP Councils have done and they can’t truthfully find any fault with the performance of those councils. All elections are about local issues. It is about the things that are being done and should be done to improve the lives in that locality.

We hope that the voters in the various municipalities are not presented with some hurry come up “ PIE IN THE SKY,” manifesto a few days before the elections. If the PUP does try that, as we expect they will, the voters will reject it in no uncertain terms. Voters have been asking, why has the PUP not come up with any manifestos as yet? Some persons we have spoken to have suggested that the reason why the PUP has not come up with any manifesto is because they have nothing to offer the voters in the various municipalities. The PUP is trying to win these elections through the backdoor, by criticizing the central government. The voters know this and they know what has been the record of all the councils, including the one PUP occupied council and they will use that knowledge to decide the way they will vote. That is why we honestly believe that the UDP will win each and every seat across this nation.