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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

Now that Nomination Day has come and gone the campaigning has reached another level. We are now less than two weeks away from the Municipal Elections across this country. With time running out, our opponents will be getting more desperate and trying to throw us off our game. Their attacks will be fast, vicious and plentiful. As the days go by, we can expect them to try and use every underhanded tactic to try and snatch away our victory, but we must stay the course and guide the UDP to victory.

The work of securing pledges is only the first step in trying to garner a victory. Getting those pledges to the polls is what counts. A pledge is just a promise. We need to convert those pledges into votes. It is the duty of party members to go out and do the sort of campaigning that will secure election victories. We must leave it all on the ground. No voter must be forgotten. Our mantra is to put our best effort out in order to win at every election. We are a mass party and we don’t apologize for campaigning to win. We will offer the best candidates and offer the best option for the people because Belizeans deserve no less.

Elections are won by having a vision, executing the plan, staying with the voters, securing and counting the votes. We want to encourage ALL OUR Mayoral Candidates , OUR UDP councilor candidates, organizers  and campaigners to continue pounding the pavement, meeting the people and executing the plan up to Election Day on March 7 and until every vote is cast and counted. A massive Victory is at hand, but we MUST WORK HARD TO SECURE THAT VICTORY.