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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

A quiet night along the uninterrupted stretch on the George Price Highway from Central Farm to Esperanza village in the Cayo District was suddenly shattered when a 46-year-old male craftsman from San Jose Succotz was killed by a hit and run. Arcenio Itza received multiple bone fractures and severe head injuries as a result of this traffic accident.

His sister, Francelia Alfaro has told members of the press that Itza had gotten on the wrong bus and instead of being taken to Benque, was being taken towards Belize City. It was when he had alighted the bus and was walking back to San Ignacio at around 7:00 pm that he was hit by an unknown vehicle.

While Itza was killed on Saturday, his family did not find out the news until Sunday. According Alfaro, she became worried when he did not come home. Earlier on Saturday, he told them that he would return to Succotz on the same day, but he never did. Alfaro had just assumed that he went to church on Sunday but when their uncle asked for him after not seeing him at church, she rushed over to his house to find the door locked.

His sister was informed that he had taken the wrong bus while in San Ignacio. He took a bus to Belize City instead of his bus to Benque Viejo to return to Succotz. It was after getting off the wrong bus that he was hit and left to die.

As a craftsman, Itza carved slate and sold his products at tourist stalls in San Jose Succotz. Alfaro pleads to the driver who did not stop to render aid to be more responsible.