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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

Clinton Fitzgibbon, a 45 year-old Belize City resident of the King’s Park area, was shot and killed on Tuesday, February 20, in his neighborhood. His girlfriend, 37 year-old Dorita Wallace was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the left leg.

Police say that sometime after 11 o’clock, the couple were socializing right outside of Fitzgibbon’s home when a gunman approached them and fired several shots at the two of them. Fitzgibbon was injured 3 gunshot wounds to the left side of the chest, and 2 more to the right side of the back. In the spray of gunfire, Wallace was injured on the left calf.

They were both rushed to the KHMH for emergency treatment, but Fitzgibbon passed away while the doctors were trying to save his life.

Kirk Davis, a close friend of Fitzgibbon, gave an emotional condemnation of his murder to the press, saying that he did not deserve the execution style killing that was visited on him on Tuesday night. Davis described him as a very friendly and hardworking man who took care of his family.

He believes that Fitzgibbon’s murder was meant to send a message to the gunman’s real enemy.

Davis said, “Stop taking people for Harry’s shirt. Find Harry, and don’t look for his shirt.”

His sister spoke to the press saying that he was no troublemaker. She told the press that she would have been able to rationalize his murder, if he was some gang member, and that it ended in this type of gun violence. She asserts that he is innocent.

The gunman may have gone looking for a relative of his, but instead, the shooter killed him. His murder may also be connected with the murder of Luis “Ese” Dominguez, which also happened in the Kings Park area, only days before. Like Dominguez, Fitzgibbon was also an employee of the Belize City Council.