Bernard Wagner, P.U.P. Mayoral Aspirant, Caught Lying! Print E-mail
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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

Feb 19, 2018 on NEWS 5, the Peoples United Party Mayoral Aspirant Bernard Wagner said: “The people are tired of the twelve years of the Darrell Bradley-Dion Leslie regime...” That statement is absolutely NOT true! I refer you to  The official information is there! Darrell Bradley’s first run was in 2012. He got 12,694 votes to Karen Bodden’s 9,399.  In 2015 Bradley got 11,928 to Schakron’s 6,573. That’s it! Bradley’s regime lasted ONLY six years! I wish it was twelve… I applaud the work that Aikman, Moya and others did; but no one has done more for Belize City than Bradley! This is the best that Belize City has ever looked! Bradley did EXCELLENT work! It is likely that very deep in Wagner’s mind, are wishes he dares not tell his father-in-law and brothers-in law about, Wagner has the same wish. Dion Leslie was elected in 2009 but he was not a Councillor in 2006!  So, “…the twelve years of the Darrell Bradley-Dion Leslie regime...” is a dumb, stupid lie. PUP has had more than enough chances!

George Cadle Guatemala Price lied about his contacts with Guatemala and about pocketing Quetzals… Dickie was on their radio lying about the Tenth of September… Mose lied about the perfectly correct technical term ‘artificial border’… Eamon lied about “… a part of the [Sarstoon] island…is in Guatemalan territory, on the south side.” Lisa lied about the mouth of the Belize River being at the Swing Bridge. With Cordel it was baby scholarships/vouchers. Musa and Fonseca were about secret, bloated contracts, accommodation agreements, super bond. The point that I am making is that the PUP is plain ‘whutliss,’ lying and thief! The PUP has no good intentions.  The PUP wants money. The zinc fence wants money. Ashcroft wants money. They are looking to fleece us. I will vote AGAINST Ashcroft and the PUP.  My vote is for the UDP, which has a very good track record helping Belizeans and protecting the Jewel.

Besides the material fact of the lie, I want to deal with intent: “The people are tired…” implies that Bernard Wagner is the PEOPLES’ messenger; when in fact he most definitely is NOT! It is extreme hubris to be passing off oneself as a spokesperson/representative of the People, when one is in fact NOT the PEOPLES’ spokesman. The big-headedness of Wagner is astounding! Bradley was NOT around for “twelve years” so Wagner also lied on the PEOPLE. Democratic representation is exactly the OPPOSITE of what Wagner did! He is a danger to the country and PEOPLE. His assumptions parallel the crap written in the Editorial of the Amandala on Friday, February 16, 2018:” It is not that we have to be right…” What Editorial feels that it should NOT be right? The information must be accurate and true – then, and only then; can the PEOPLE make wise decisions!  It is absolutely NOT about…”express our gut feeling and then hope for better.” NO, voting a person into office is about informed consent. Later in the Editorial:” We are giving instructions to Kremandala’s 4 percent…” I almost fell out of the chair. I am glad that I do NOT bow, salute or genuflect to any Human. Kremandala can NEVER instruct/order me how to vote – I have my own brain; thank you! ‘Knock yu own ting,’ ‘black is beautiful,’ ‘one love’ and the UBAD bread were things that I liked about the movement. The ‘bad boy kulcha,’ however, I also rejected - totally!

Wagner was likely referring to the 4 percent who take orders from the zinc fence before voting when he said: “These are people who have bought into this P.U.P. slate.” I will NOT buy into any disingenuous scheme – I walk away from foolishness like that! Ashcroft and the PUP are desperate for POWER & MONEY. For them, this election is about moolah for the zinc fence, cash for Ashcroft and dough for the PUP cronies. Belize has been down that road before with Musa, Fonseca and Ashcroft – it leads to major disaster. Consider yourselves warned, Belizean Voters. Prevention is better than cure.  No to the PUP!

Who would have believed that Ashcroft and Kremandala would have conspired to foist Bernard Wagner – a paid servant and devotee of Ashcroft and son-in-law of the Black Nationalist X upon the unsuspecting Belizean People? Politics truly make strange bed fellows. Witness the shameless unification of the hypocrites and the hustlers in common cause to resume the fleecing of Belize!