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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

As I watched the various scantily attended PUP parades and hopeful interviews on LOVE TV this nomination morning 21st February 2018, I was taken way back to  2015  where an identical scenario  evolved with the same catch phrases being parroted by the Blue candidates promising, if elected, “good governance, more transparency and better accountability”.  I recall the only candidate who made the 2015 municipal election more interestingly amusing was Belize City PUP Mayoral candidate Ms.  Karen Bodden, who coined the phrase “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired (of corruption)”. What made this statement ironic was that she was representing the very party, which had mastered this national scourge to an art form from 1998 to 2008. At that time, I marveled at Bodden’s stoic  demeanor  when she would utter her  trademark statement,  even as  she managed to never once bite her tongue  as  she went on and on about UDP corruption. Of course, we all now recollect that Ms. Bodden and 61 other of her Blue colleagues countrywide were unceremoniously rejected by the voters.

Recently, a strong UDP supporter told me that he did not know how the PUP Party Leader himself managed to avoid biting his own tongue when he was rationalizing as to the probable reasons why the US State Department had cancelled the issuance of H2/ H1 work visas for Belizeans.  Channel 7 news aired this interview with Hon.  Briceño “The reality is that the United States Government has been calling out the government on the serious issues of human trafficking. The United States have been calling out the government on issues of drug trafficking in this country and they believe that they are high officials that are involved both in human trafficking and drug trafficking and that we are turning a blind eye and until we take decisive steps, until we take decisive actions, they are going to continue to punish (us).   In my  memory, the issues of drug trafficking and the  easy availability of “barmaids” has been as staple as tacos and sugar cane thanks to firm support from the PUP when they ran things in OW.

This tongue-biting observation is not fictional when dealing with people uttering falsehoods or vile words. I will recount an incident my wife related to me when she was a teacher at Solomon’s SDA School on Boundary Street here in OWT. There was a certain parent who would never fail to “bless” any teacher her son would complain to her about.  One day, the lady was seen coming towards the school under a ball of fire.  The male teacher in direct line of fire mumbled a soft prayer,” Lord, please spare me the wrath of this parent”. No sooner had the lady started cursing that she bit her tongue hard and bawled out in pain.  Nevermore was there cursing from the said parent.  At least not at Solomon’s. The moral here to the PUP candidates is to be careful how they point fingers and spew accusations.

As an update, the UDP campaigners in my neighbourhood have for the past week developed a spirited gait in their steps. The confidence in the UDP is building as the final day draws near.  At one point late last year even I was thinking that this one would have been an easy squeeze for the PUP. But now the gap is closing fast and closing tight.  The East now looks brilliant red.

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