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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

Two senior residents from Santa Elena and San Ignacio have been recognized by their younger peers for outstanding work during their entire lifetime. As Justices of the Peace, these residents have answered the call at their door step, sometimes into the late hours of the night or early morning to tend to the needs of their fellow men and women.

Justice of the Peace Godwyn Buckley was handed a certificate on Sunday by members of the Association of Justices of the Peace, Cayo Branch.

The certificate received by Godwin Buckley J.P C.S.C reads as follows: The Association of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court award this certificate in recognition for valuable contribution to the People of Belize.

We sat down with Godwin Buckley, who is now ailing in health, on Sunday for some historical background to the community that he has served. According to Buckley, his grandfather was Arapito Elena Requena, resident of Santa Elena at a time (1939) when all houses were of thatched roof. He recounted that at that time policemen, such as his father, performed their duties on horses.

As confirmed by Justice of the Peace Edith Bejerano, Godwin Buckley has served Belize well. Buckley served in the British Honduras Volunteer Guard in September of 1970 and was Staff Sergeant number 28079 within number five Platoon from 1958 to 1974.

Members of the Association of Justices of the Peace, Cayo Branch then proceeded to visit Justice of the Peace Carlos Habet Senior at the La Loma Luz Hospital. There the 79-year-old was also honored for his service to the residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns.