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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

The municipality which has seen the least development in our country in the last six years is Orange Walk Town. This is because when the current Mayor took office for the first time, being a member of the People’s United Party, put his ego above everything else and publicly declared that he does not need “Dean Barrow, Gapi Vega or the UDP”. His emboldened declaration has cost the Orangewalkeños very dearly. The UDP government notwithstanding this fellow’s avowal did not forsake Orange Walk Town. The Municipal Development Project saw several major improvements in the town. These were done with Central Government resources…examples are: the Central Park, the Market and who can forget the Belize Corozal Road.

The reality is that the Dean Barrow administration has consistently supported the Orange Walk Town Council by making sure that their subvention is sent on time. It is because of the Barrow administration that the Town councils now have autonomy over the finances collected by the traffic departments in each municipality. The Mayor of Orange Walk Town continues to sing acapella along with his handler and Master John Briceño how he has been operating without any assistance from central government. It is his excuse for his ineptitude and incompetence in providing for the people of Orange Walk the basic goods and services as mandated by his terms of reference. He is incapable of doing his JOB.

The people of Orange Walk town have seen through his charade. They are fed up of his hollow promises, they are fed up of his lies and on March 7th they will serve him a dose of his own medicine. He will be sent packing along with his team of puppets which are beholden to their party leader and employer. A new era of progress and development will be ushered in and Orange Walk will be brought on par with the rest of the developed municipalities.