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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

In the underworld, Drug Lords have a saying that goes like this, “NEVER GET HIGH OFF YOUR OWN SUPPLY.” While this saying might not be foreign to the Leader of The Opposition, with his father having served time in a US Penitentiary for drug trafficking in the mid 1980’s, he may be well off reminded. If Belizeans be reminded, US Court reports have it recorded that a young John Briceno was present in the Court Room during his father’s trial. The reason gangsters adopted the position of never getting high off their own supply is rather obvious; it is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Sometime ago in reference to the Musa Administration, Lord Ashcroft said that we can know when a politician is lying cause their lips are moving. Well recently the Leader of The Opposition’s lips have been doing a lot of moving. Political observers have opined that this gentleman has been very busy spewing a heap of untruths and half-truths. One wonders, why is this so? Apparently, the Leader of The Opposition is home alone.

There seems to be a not so silent riff within the Blue Party. That split seems to have been galvanized by the appointment of the new executives at the PUP’s recent National Conventions. Only the old PUP and the Zinc Fence seem to be happy with the status of the old Blue right now. In an attempt to capitalize on any excuse to embarrass the UDP, Mr. Briceno has resorted to spinning gossip in order to gain political mileage. During Monday night’s News report Briceno’s lying ways was exposed when he tried to use a leaked internal GOB memo from the Financial Secretary to spread panic that GOB is broke. He admitted speaking with the FINSEC whom he said assured him that was not the case. This issue became a real tongue twister for Briceno when confronted with the question of whether he believed the FINSEC. He admitted the FINSEC was a man of integrity and was at pains with himself to admit he was wrong.

The issuing of that MEMO is consistent with GOB’s year end bustle whereby Department Finance Officers comb through their Department Budgets to find unspent assigned funds they can draw down before year end expenditure closes. This rush for funds puts a burden on GOB spending. The FINSEC memo was intended to tell Finance Officers that not because it was budgeted for it means it should be spent. The PUP also tried to take advantage of a situation with PUMA and its freighting line to say that it was GOB’s fault that the freight line was not paid. This claim was directly refuted and debunked by Belize’s local Petro Caribe Agent John Mencias.

Is it any wonder then that Briceno is on his own propagandizing these untruths? To the political observers this is not a surprise. Political pundits point to Briceno’s social media posts as evidence of his weak leadership. Over the last twelve years the Right Honourable PM Dean Barrow has never used social media personally to campaign. There may be a reason for this as is now obvious with Briceno. Briceno’s social media posts are unable to gather any momentum. As the Leader of Belize’s oldest mass party this is damning. Observers after reviewing Briceno’s Facebook posts have concluded the he has one of the weakest social media following. His average post attracts 4 responses and about six shares. The for-hire leader of COLA and Sulph have better social media ratings than Briceno. Not one of his caretakers or municipal candidates boosts or follow his posts.

No wonder Briceno is the only one believing his own lies. NEVER GET HIGH OFF YOUR OWN LIE JOHNNY.