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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

Dangriga. February 21st 2018.

All eyes were on the Dangriga Town Hall this morning.  The reason? Nomination Day – The official starting point for the candidates contesting the upcoming March 7th Municipal Elections.  In this corner! The challengers dressed in their traditional blue and white were up first with a hand-full of approximately 40 – 50 supporters.  That was over as quickly as it had started.  The lone independent, “Master” Chris Lewis walked up the three flights of stairs to the nomination room along with his nominators in the early afternoon followed by the UDP in the mid afternoon.

The UDP gathered in front of party stalwart Hortence Serrano’s home on Saint Vincent Street and rolled off at around 2 p.m. The crowd paraded up the two major streets of Dangriga – Saint Vincent and Commerce, up courthouse road and on to the Town Hall. It was a party atmosphere. They were led by incumbent Mayor Francis Humphreys and his candidate councilors, Ms. Earth Lopez, Ms. Yadira Diego, Mrs. Cheryl Molina, Mr. Alexander “Lexxus” Joseph, Mr. Aaron “Jake” Gongora, and Mr. Gary Francisco.  The Mayor and councilors were accompanied by the pulsating beats of the culture drums from behind a pick-up truck. Meanwhile, the heart of the parade had Sweet Pain Band on the back of a trailer with a sea of red dressed and flag waving family, friends and supporters following close behind.   They arrived at the Town Hall in “Bashment” fashion with traditional red T-shirts adorned with the theme “Wabarounguon! Building on Success with UDP 7!”

The crowd remained for the entirety of the official signing and nomination.  After which the Mayor and his team walked down in solidarity to be greeted by the throng of cheering supporters and well wishers.  Like a signal to the masses, the cultural drums started to beat again.  Only this time, it was a short parade to Central Plaza for a rally that lasted into the night with speeches from Mayor Humphreys and his candidate councilors. In addressing the campaigners and voters, Mayor Humphreys said, “I want to start by saying a big Culture Capital thank you to all our supporters, campaigners, friends and family and especially to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow for all the wonderful support for an awesome Nomination Day. Now folks we are heading down the final leg of the race and it’s time to muster all our energies and get to all of our people to ask them for their continued support on March 7th. We stand on a proven track record that is second to none and the work will continue for another three years with us in office. The love for Dangriga has always been here and our good residents know it because it has improved their quality of life. Once again, thank you, Seremei, Gracias and vote UDP 7 on March 7th. Wabarounguong!  We continue to build on success.”

One of the many guest speakers for the evening was Stann Creek West caretaker,Walter Garbutt of Independence.  But the big surprise was the unexpected arrival of Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber who delivered a rousing speech to close it off for the night.  Hon. Faber said, “Let’s remember that the massive crowd that appeared in Belize City and here in Dangriga is sending a strong message to them.  Make sure that on Election Day we come out in full to cast our votes to bring in Mayor Humphreys and his team.”