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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

Dangriga. February 27th, 2018.

Belize as well as many other countries has been looked upon and labeled as a third world country, not by its citizens but by those who are economically and technologically advanced.  Citizens of these same first world countries flock yearly by Air Sea and road to the shores of the Jewel because they want to enjoy a peaceful comfortable life that cannot be accomplished in the “first” world.

While these ex-pats arrive in droves because they love what they’ve heard, seen and experienced, a “native son” sees the complete opposite. PUP Mayoral aspirant Athanasius Derrick Velasquez similarly to many of us, left these shores more than 30 years ago.  Some of us returned and marveled on the successes and the advancements our country and municipality has achieved, while Athanasius Derrick Velasquez returned with opaque glasses and horse blinders.  He said, “Dangriga hasn’t changed in the 30 years since I left.”  If Dangriga hasn’t changed in 30 years then the rational question is what has he done in the couple years since his return to help his hometown?

The entire PUP team is uncertain and totally oblivious of what’s at stake.  Were it not for the recent rains, a rare phenomenon in February, the PUP wouldn’t have any legitimate complaints or concerns.    The potholes in the streets were brought on by the rain.  Unfortunately, trying to repair potholes in the middle of the rain with heavy equipment propagates more potholes. Weather conditions are a force of nature; even the roads and highways in Boston, Chicago or New York City experience deterioration in the winter months.  The potholes in these metropolitan cities are caused by the melting snow and ice.

The current UDP Town Council under the leadership of Mayor Francis Humphreys did not experience any scandals, corruption or misappropriation of funds.  The last PUP Town Council was rife with all three – scandals, corruption and misappropriation.  Is this what “bring back the love” is all about?

Both Liberato Teul and Venancia Caballero were rubber stamps in the last PUP Town Council Administration.  They were part and parcel of the corruption and misappropriation of finances in the purchase of a useless back hoe.  The back hoe which started at a cost of $35,000.00 ballooned to $44,000.00. Would you prefer the return of rubber stamps such as former councilors Teul and Caballero or diligent and transparent councilors?  This UDP team has a tried and proven record of diligence and transparency.  Despite the continued rhetoric of “you can’t eat streets,” the UDP team has quite a number of accomplishments besides the paved and upgraded streets with drainage in the community. It is a fact that we can’t eat streets.  However, motorists in Dangriga could confirm that damaged struts and shocks have not been replaced as often before these paved streets that we can’t eat.

The recent rains have revealed that work needs to continue. Under the UDP the work will continue.  With a PUP town council, it will be business as usual.  It is evident that the incumbent Town Council has accomplished many of the things it had set out in its manifesto three years ago.  Can the PUP claim the same accomplishments when they were in office?

The Dangriga electorate has a choice; it either goes with an inexperienced new comer and his team of eccentrics or the team of Francis Humphreys with a proven track record.  Athanasius Derrick is incapable of fulfilling any promises as he subscribes to the failed archaic ideologies of the PUP.  That in and of itself is a clear indication that performance in office will be going back some 30 plus years.

Character does affect future performance and for someone who hasn’t lived in Dangriga for the past 30 years, how can that individual prove character.  The last administration under then Mayor Gilbert Swaso proved that the PUP is untrustworthy.  Mayor Humphreys and his team are emotionally capable; they have character, decisiveness and are well grounded in foundational principles.  Francis Humphreys and his team is the only logical choice.