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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

“Deh only di do dat cause da election”. That is a common phrase used when works are being carried out by politicians. This phrase was coined by the PUP because this is exactly what they used to do when the controlled central government for over 30 years. It was common to see a little work being done here and there every time elections were around the corner.

After the United Democratic Party took office under the leadership of the right Honorable Deal Barrow, the best Prime Minister this country has ever seen this practice was laid to rest; the school of thought however remains among the rank and file of the PUP.

The works that have brought about so much unprecedented development to our country continues unabated to this day – 11 years after it began. In Orange Walk Town, the Honorable Elodio Aragon has ensure that he follows in the same vein as the Prime Minister. Although the fixing and upgrading of streets within the Town does not fall within his purview, he has made it his responsibility to ensure that works are carried out to upgrade some of the streets in Orange Walk Town. Upon seeing this of course, the PUP fanatics went back to their old chant “deh only di do dat cause…” Well it is a known fact that Mr. Aragon has never stopped working. It is also a well-known fact that Mr. Aragon is not facing an election anytime soon. Despite this he has lobbied for the upgrading of some long forgotten streets, first in the Louisiana Area and during this week in the Pasadita Area. Ministry of Works will then move on the the Palmar Boundary Road Area. This is work in its normal course and no amount of PUP disparagement will make it stop. The development will only happen with a UDP Government both at the Central and Local level.