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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

By this time next week voters in all nine municipalities across this country would have already gone to the polls and vote for the UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY in overwhelming fashion. It is now six (6) days and counting until the polls open at 7am on Wednesday March 7. As a party we have performed admirably. The things that we’ve done over this present term of office in the eight municipalities we control, are out there for you the voter to see. To allow this transformation to continue and to start, in the case of the one municipality that we presently have no control of.

You’ve seen the manifestos of the political parties. Our manifestos gave status reports on the things we have accomplished from the last manifestos. They also speak to our shortcomings. We have not shirked away from the thing that we were not able to accomplish so far. However we intend to continue working on those things right up to election day and after, you the voters will elect us into office on Wednesday. Our new MANIFESTOS are filled with practical, innovative, but doable things. They also are the things that we are legally mandated to do under the various Municipal Acts. Unlike our opponents, who’s manifestos are not worth the fancy paper that they are printed on. We will not even mention the things that they have promised, because they are so far from what are the responsibilities and duties of MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT. Lets break this statement: we will not promise that we will stop any natural disasters. Those are beyond man’s control.

We are asking that you go out and vote early and that you vote for the candidates of the UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY (UDP). The way that is accomplished is by looking for the RED square next to the names of the UDP candidates and make your mark next to those RED SQUARES. Vote UDP down the line.  Ensure that the development continues. Our opponents have already indicated that if they were to be elected, they will be cutting staff and cutting back on the development that you’ve been experiencing under the UDP. Orange Walk is a prime example of what would happen if they were elected. They would mismanage and hustle. The ball is in your court it is you who will decide, what will happen to your CITY or TOWN over the next three years. On March 7 vote red, vote UDP DOWN THE LINE!