THE ‘X’ FACTOR Not so long ago the publisher from behind the fence wrote an article and finished with the following: WHAT SAY YOU? Print E-mail
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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

In a graph there is the Y axis and the X axis. The values on the Y axis move up and/or down; the factors on the X axis move ONLY to the left or to the right. On one plane only!! Hence, it is a FLAT [out] line factor!

In a hospital monitor, a flat line [on X axis] means death!!

For many years the X’es [big X, X-1, and now X-2] have nauseatingly repeated and repeated that there are no sport facilities [anywhere] for our youth. The drumming of this message to the masses has been incessant.

NOW there is a sport facility in nearly all districts, so,  …WHAT SAY YOU?

One of the preferred sports of the X’s [football] can now be played in excellent sport facilities! Do they acknowledge? NO…it will not take long for the X’s to say “yes, the facility is there but the youths can’t play Badmington!!!” Or, the youths can’t eat the facility!! This is what moving on ONE plane does…! It stupefies!

One of the preferred topics of the X’s is education: X-2 beats a drum saying that the education is only for a few!!! Hmmm…he is educated…is he one of the few? His family is educated….are they the chosen ones?

The Big X says that academically educated people [who can think for THEMSELVES] are arrogant! So, what say you?

The X always tells THE MASSES that education is geared to only work for other people…! Isn’t that something? The Flat Line element of X has told them [the people] that it is bad to work for other people; it is degrading, bla, bla, bla. Imagine what he thinks of his workers. Oh no, but wait…HE is the ONLY good BOSS! All the others are monsters!!

Let’s take a look, for example, at our pilots.  We as citizens have two options:

1. We can acknowledge these fine young people that are pilots; that are responsible for our air traffic safety; and give Kudos, and be proud.


2. Go the Flat Line X’s way and say “these fools [the pilots] were educated to work for somebody else!”

What say you?

In an article ‘TOUGH AS NAIL AND SOFT AS MARSHMELLOW’ big Flat Line X asked “what say you?”. Well, a nail is hammered on the head, and once the nail is twisted it is no bloody good!


Read Jack!

Now…latest is that Krem, ‘behind the fence’….will INSTRUCT his people how to VOTE! Imagine the frigging arrogance of a man that has done nothing for this country. His maximum happiness is being frigging miserable and to spread miserableness! Cowards>>.hiding behind a fence!

All he has done is ‘live’ off the people! He salivates to CONTROL….