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Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

At around 7:20 p.m. on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, shots rang out near the mouth of Trench Alley located on Orange Street. Three persons, including 12-year-old David Morrison, were socializing when they were approached by a lone gunman who opened fire. Morrison was hit at the back of the head and died instantly. Lloyd Valentine, a 24-year-old man, was also fatally shot although he made it to treatment at the KHMH. Another person, identified as Albert Wagner, was also injured in this incident.

Little David’s family and friends from school continue to be aggrieved by the fact that he was an innocent child, who had nothing to do with the gang warfare between adults. Yet, his life was cut short, simply because he was in the area where a shootout happened, and he became collateral damage.

What police have been able to establish so far is that Lloyd Valentine, Albert Wagner and David Morrison were standing at the corner of Orange Street and Pregnant Alley. They were in the company of a group of other people, including Morrison’s mother. They were all socializing at that moment when a gunman came riding up Orange Street, from the direction of West Street. Before anybody could react, that shooter opened fire on the group and injured all 3 males.

Unfortunately, David was one of those victims, and the unfortunate situation is that he and his mother were waiting in Belize City for a specific bus to head to their new home in Ladyville. His mother had reportedly decided to move out from the Pregnant Alley area for fear that the regular gang violence there was putting her son’s life in jeopardy. Readers will remember that this location is the home turf of the Taylor’s Alley Gang. Because his mother was in the company of her friends, he happened to be at that location, and most terribly, he was killed by the gang violence that his mother was avoiding.

Speaking about the unfortunate situation, his teacher, Patricia Wade, from the Queen Baptist School told the press that he was about to graduate from Standard 6, and that he was looking forward to attending High School.

Wade commented, “He was the life of the class, he was very vibrant, he loved dancing, he talked a lot, he was Mr. Talk, loved to express himself. David had lots of friends, he was close to everyone in the class, everybody has something fun that they could tell you about him… It is very heart wrenching to know that your baby will not be able graduate, will not be able to sit his PSE and he was so looking forward to going to high school”

In the nearly one week that the double murder happened, the cops have been unable to bring charges against anyone. Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, the Officer Commanding Eastern Division’s Criminal Investigation’s Branch in Belize City, told the press that investigators have been unable to bring any charges against the suspects that were initially detained for questioning. The cops had to release them after the allotted detention time, in order to not violate their constitutional rights.

Cowo has since commented, “I know that the main suspects was detained, however, due to lack of evidence we had to release them. We are appealing to the persons, to the public who were there and saw what happened, if they can come and assist us. I know that there are persons that witnessed what happened and we are requesting their assistance for us to try to solve this double murder.”

Wagner is the only shooting victim out of the 3 to survive.