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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:00

It’s been a while now since I have tuned in to the Sugar City Morning Show, not because I don’t like the show, in fact, it is a very lively and highly informative talk show, almost fashioned like the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, except that it has more than one host and involves interaction with callers, mainly from OW and Corozal.   What happens is that it the SCMS airs within the same time frame as WAVE’S “First Thing Da morning” and I like to listen to national political news and views so as to get feed for my essays.

Anyway, since the municipals are but days away I have made it a point to listen in this past week to talk show hosts Checki, Emmanuel, Ruben, and my long time buddy DR. Homero Novelo. I must say that I do enjoy the show very much, especially hearing the opinions from callers who are passionate about delivering a victory for the UDP next Wednesday. There is a certain daily caller whose voice I recognize as having been a strong PUP supporter who now clearly voices a deep resentment of the present PUP Party Leader. I know this caller to be a firm supporter of former OW East PUP area rep Dave Burgos, who long ago resigned from Briceño’s fan club.

This small example above is but a sampling of the deep internal rift that is besieging Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition at all levels. It is an open secret that the Musas and Fonsecas cannot stand Hon. Briceño and will do anything to undermine his leadership. What irks the “Old PUP” most is the fact that the grass-roots PUP supporters will not support any leader whose title starts with an “M” or an “F”.  Which is why Briceño decided to showcase his popularity within his rank and file on February 11 when he organized his “Unity Convention” in Belize City.  I understand that a sizeable number of attendees came from the North, where Juan Antonio is said to be solid.

Back to Orange Walk Town, A senior UDP advisor told me that a PUP supporter expressed concern to him last week that if the UDP wins on March 7 he fears he will lose his job as a sanitation worker at the Council. The UDP member told the gentleman that Phillip de la Fuente has the same personality as former PUP Mayor Mr. Elutgardo Gutierrez who refused to dismiss UDP employees at Town Hall even under directive from his Party’s hierarchy. I have personally served the Council along with Phillip, and when the elections are over, politics done the same day. The work starts the day after election, no matter which Party banner one supports.  But if a worker places his political fanaticism above his/ her family’s welfare, then that person is asked to go.  They say that Smart has several vacancies to climb lamp posts and splice cables, especially with the pending entrance of “Diginet” here in OW.

In truth, each day we see flocks of blue and red-shirted youths in all sections of town campaigning for their team.  Tempers are flaring and the rhetoric on the airwaves and on TV is unrelenting, but the day will soon come when all doubts, and hopes, are laid to rest. We will soon know which political party the people trust and want up at Town Hall.  The next time you read my opinion piece, I will either be very happy or very disappointed.

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