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Friday, 09 March 2018 00:00

On Sunday morning, we were able to confirm, the news of the passing of 17 month old Alyssa Nunez. She passed away at about 4 o’clock earlier that morning, while she was undergoing treatment, at the KHMH in Belize City. On Friday, 21 year old Everal Martinez of Maskall Village, had been arraigned after having been charged with “dangerous harm” upon baby Alyssa. It is expected that those charges could be upgraded shortly. On Saturday night and early Sunday morning, tensions were high outside of the KHMH Emergency entrance. The grieving family of Baby Alyssa had gathered outside the door of the Accident and Emergency section of the KHMH. They were there expressing their grief, frustration and even anger. Those feelings were brought on the family because the members  thought that they were being kept in the dark about Baby Alyssa’s medical condition.  It got to the point where allegations were being made against the KHMH, in regards to what the family claim was some sort of malpractice in the medical treatment of Baby Alyssa.

In order to beef up security and in an effort to quell the situation, as is the standard protocol, the police were called in. They managed to calm the situation down and maintain law and order. The family members then went outside the gate where they stayed until they got the news that Baby Alyssa had passed away. The news of the passing really took a toll on the family.  They became overwhelmed by emotions.

Sad to say,  that in addition to the family members of Baby Alyssa, there were a few RABBLEROUSERS/PUP Operatives, who mascaraed as activists and one PUP Candidate for the upcoming Belize City Council Election, who were out seeking to capitalize on the grief and suffering of this family. They appeared to be there just to try and gain cheap political points. It is amazing how far these individuals would go in order to achieve their selfish political objectives. They are always willing to set a new low when it comes to prancing on a trending issue.

Later on Sunday Morning a Protest March took place in downtown Belize City. That March was followed by a Protest Rally, at the Battlefield Park. Those same RABBLEROUSERS/PUP Operatives, who mascaraed as activists and that one PUP Belize City Council Candidate were once again out there seeking to grandstand and capitalize off the family’s grief. It is so disgusting that we have people in this country, who would stoop to that level to gain themselves popularity. We hope that Baby Alyssa’s family members will not allow those OPPORTUNISTIC PARASITES to get away with tarnishing her memory with their cheap theatrical ploy.  Here at our news desk we join the nation in expressing our sincere condolences to the family of Baby Alyssa. We pray that they will be comforted by the out pouring of support that they have been receiving so far and will continue to receive over the days and weeks to come.