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Thursday, 15 March 2018 00:00

Here at the Guardian we had made the conscious decision, that we would be affording the NEWLY ELECTED Belize City Council Members, the customary 100-days HONEYMOON PERIOD, while they settle in to their new job. However, after we saw an internal memo coming out of the City Council, we had to do a retake on the decision we had taken earlier. According to the memo, the then yet to be sworn in Mayor Designate, appointed a transition team for the Belize City Council. That team is headed by Jose Coye, former Mayor, Caribbean Shores Area Rep. and Minister. Joe is known in Belize as the Land Hog. We know all the things that the CCJ said about his land dealings and misfeasance. He was rejected by the Belizean people back in 2008. For many Belizeans Jose Coye represents everything, that they’ve voted against, ever since the By-election of 2003. Belizeans will not take the appointment of Coye as something good for Belize City.

Jose Coye should be kept away from each and every sort of governance or public entity in this country. His tenure as an elected official is marred and littered with the things that Belizeans rejected him for. To try to force Joe on the people will only make Bernard Wagner a very unpopular person. We’ve spoken to a few of our PUP friends, including three of the recently elected councilors, who’ve told us that they don’t want Jose to come around. One well-known PUP jokingly said, that they must return Joe Coye to his Jack Daniels let him age properly. Mayor Wagner must grow up fast and grow a set of testicles, or he will be out of there faster than he can say election. Jose Coye is not good for Belize City or this country.

Perhaps we need to remind Mayor Wagner what the Judges of the CCJ said about Joe. Maybe Wagner doesn’t remember, but the following was what was said: “the Attorney General is competent to bring this action in the tort of misfeasance on behalf of the Crown against the Appellants in order to recover compensation for the loss sustained as a consequence of their alleged misfeasance in public office.” He doesn’t have to take our words on it he can check what his Father-in-law’s Amandala Newspaper reported on 28 June 2011 in an article titled “CCJ’S LANDMARK RULING : MARIN AND COYE CAN BE SUED FOR $924,056.60.” Mayor Wagner.

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