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Thursday, 15 March 2018 00:00

Not being satisfied that they were unable to win the San Pedro Municipal Election by the ballots, the PUP has embarked on a mission to win through the courts. The PUP through their attorney Eamon Courtenay claim that the votes adds up to more than the amount of ballots that were issued. Anyone who has ever observed the polling and counting process would be able to understand how outlandish the claim by the PUP is. For those persons who may not be aware of how the process works we will explain it for their benefit.

According to the Election Rules, the Presiding Officers at each Polling Station should provide hourly reports of the amount of persons who had voted at their particular Polling Station. The 6pm report should only be given after the final person has voted. In the case of San Pedro the actual 6pm report was not given because at 6pm there were persons in the lines awaiting their turn to vote. At that point as is the law those Presiding Officers announced the closure of the polling stations and instructed the police officers to stand at the back of the lines while the voters who were lined up voted. After that process was completed the ballot boxes were sealed and a reconciliation tally took place. The representatives from the various parties signed off on those reconciliations. Those sealed boxes along with the other election materials were transported to the counting station.

For any attorney especially a senior one at that to proceed with the claim the PUP is making, speaks volumes of their professional integrity. Such a case is bound to fail in court very early, because the numbers that the PUP representatives signed off on are the same amount of ballots inside the boxes. There were no extra ballots that were counted. The only thing that the Presiding Officers could be faulted for is for not providing the 6 p.m. hourly count in a timely manner. They perhaps did not do so, because they were more concerned about making sure the voters who were in the lines voted and that they did the reconciliation and transport the ballot boxes to the counting station in a timely manner.