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Thursday, 15 March 2018 00:00

The United Democratic Party was successful at the polls in 6 of the 9 municipalities which held elections on Wednesday March 7th. And what the numbers tell us is quite a story. We begin with the results in Belize City where the PUP’s Bernard Wagner received 10,578 votes while the UDP’s Dion Leslie got 9,597 votes. That is a difference of 981 votes spread across 10 constituencies in the Old Capital.

In Orange Walk PUP incumbent Kevin Bernard received 5,260 votes while his opponent Phillip De La Fuente received 2,593 votes being a difference of 2,667 votes spread across three constituencies, Orange Walk East, Central and North.

Corozal saw the PUP’s Rigo Vellos receive 2,744 votes while the UDP’s Richard Alexander Quan received 2,645 votes being a difference of 99 votes spread over two constituencies, Corozal Bay and Corozal North.

On the island town of San Pedro, the UDP’s incumbent Daniel Guerrero secured 2,667 while his PUP opponent, Abner Andre Perez got 2,629. That’s a difference of 38 votes in one constituency.

The story of the other victories for the UDP paint a solid red picture for the 5 other municipalities. In Punta Gorda, which is made up of a single constituency, the UDP’s Ashton McKenzie received 1,181 votes while his opponent the PUP’s Carlos Galvez received 941 votes, being a difference of 240 votes. That the UDP was able to muster a victory in Toledo East is a telling story especially since the UDP does not have representation in that constituency at the National Assembly level.

In Dangriga, UDP incumbent, Francis Humphreys received 1,692 votes while his PUP opponent Derrick Velasquez got 1,343, that is a margin of victory of 349 votes. Again Dangriga is a single constituency municipality.  It is the same with Belmopan where UDP incumbent Khalid Belisle garnered 3,298 votes over his PUP opponent Tanya Santos who got 2,355. With a difference of 943 votes, this too being a single constituency municipality showed how strong the UDP is.

Benque Viejo saw a similar story told with the UDP’s Gerardo Marconi Sosa receiving 2091 votes while his opponent Cristian Castellanos of the PUP receiving 1056. The difference is a solid 1,035 votes coming from the Cayo West constituency. The largest margin of victory came from the San Ignacio and Santa Elena town where three constituencies converge to create the municipality, those being Cayo North, Cayo North East and Cayo Central. In that municipality, incumbent UDP mayor Earl Trapp secured 4,642 votes to the PUP’s Marconi Matus who received 2,646 votes making it a difference of 1,996.