Another murder in Roaring Creek leaves two children fatherless Print E-mail
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Thursday, 22 March 2018 00:00

After being missing for around 3 days, police have found the body of 24 year-old Alvin Jason Montero, a resident of Roaring Creek Village. He was retrieved from the river in an advanced state of decomposition; it has been determined that he was chopped to death.

Montero’s sister, Loretta Montero, told the press that he visited her last Friday in Cayo, and that his family last saw him the following day, Saturday, March 17, in Roaring Creek. Because he wasn’t answering any calls to his cellular phone, another of his sisters sent her son, his nephew, to go check on him. They soon discovered that the small house where he was staying was completely burnt down. He was acting as caretaker for the owner, and he also borrowed a friend’s bicycle. That house was destroyed completely, and nobody in the area called for the fire department to come in and at least try render aid. Also, that bicycle which he borrowed was completely destroyed.

The complete destruction of this house, and the fact that he was missing, and wasn’t answering his phone caused his family to start fearing the worst. The family contacted police, informed them of the situation, and they started forming search parties with friends and concerned persons.

His body, was discovered floating in the river on Tuesday, March 20, in an area of Roaring Creek known as “Another World”. He was retrieved, and that’s when it was discovered that he suffered chop wounds to the right side of the head, and to the neck.

Describing the state of her brother’s body, Loretta Montero said, “They tortured him in a cruel way. It was so sad because no one would expect him to have a chop wound in his head, on his throat and they tied his two hands to his back. They chopped off his hair clean… we could have seen his skull.”

His relatives and friends are now grieving and coming to terms with the fact that someone, or a group of people took his life. They think his gruesome murder was completely undeserved. He is described as a well-known person in San Ignacio, Santa Elena, and in Roaring Creek. His family says that he was well-liked because of his friendly personality, and so they have no idea why he was killed. His sister also insisted that he is not a trouble maker. They also believe that the burning down of the house was done as a means to try and destroy evidence.

He leaves behind a 4 year-old daughter, and 5-month-old son.