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Thursday, 22 March 2018 00:00

A two days workshop ended last Friday at the Banana Bank Lodge with the Technical Advisor for the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau HECOPAB, Mrs. Kathleen Azueta-Cho and thirteen health educators from all the regions across the country. The objective of the workshop was to engage on the program’s current priorities and targets, to access the current monitoring tool to evaluate its effectiveness and to discuss strategies to build better partnership with the communities they serve.

At the conclusion of the two days, Mrs. Azueta-Cho shared that much work was accomplished and the main objectives were met with an aim to not only be accessible along with Community Health Workers in the health needs of the community but also to empower these communities to take ownership of their overall health and wellness needs.

In moving forward we asked Cho what were her recommendations to enhance health for all.

“I would recommend for all partners including all the units within the Ministry of Health to place a lot of emphasis on health education and promotion, because whenever we have any outbreak health workers are at the frontline. If we could support them through resources and moral support and through partnerships then we can strengthen them to be effective on the ground,” she said.

HECOPAB has both short and long terms goals, prioritizing on health education and health promotion by getting all partners in development involved.  With the workshop just ended, community health workers have also been provided with the necessary skills to engage these partners at the community level.