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Thursday, 22 March 2018 00:00

Kendis Flowers, a resident a Mayflower address, and member of the Ghost Town Crips gang, was laid to rest on Tuesday March 20 at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery. Flowers was shot and killed on Mahogany Street. His murder was the second in Belize City, in less than 8 hours.

Police say that at around 3 a.m., on Saturday, March 17, they visited an area on Mahogany Street that’s a short distance away from Sittee Street. That’s where they found Flower’s body on the street; he was allegedly found with a black Daewoo brand 9mm pistol in his right hand. By the time the cops arrived on the scene, he was already dead, and they later transported his body to the morgue.

Police Commissioner Allen Whylie told the media in a weekend press conference that their investigations suggest that Flowers had some night club disagreement with another man.

Whylie said, “Our background information indicates that there was some confrontation at a popular night club. This led to where the deceased Mr. Flowers left, it is said that he went to pick up his gun, he left along with his associate in a taxi, and they proceeded to the area where he was subsequently killed. The indication is that he came out, he went after the persons he had the earlier confrontation with, his gun for some reason, snapped, it didn’t work, and as a result he was shot and killed.”

Flowers’ associate, Maliek Pitts, was also injured, most-likely in the same shooting where Flowers was killed. Pitts was seen at the KHMH around the same time that the cops found Flower’s body. He was being treated for gunshot wounds to the left calf and the left leg. He has since been treated and released, and he was detained and questioned by police.

Kendis Flower’s family strongly suspect that police know more than they are saying, and they think that officers somehow had a hand in his killing, and/or a cover-up for the gunman. A picture started circulated on Facebook, which captured Flowers on the ground, a short time after he was found dead. That handgun, which police say he had on him, was found in his right hand. His family says that he is left handed, and so they believe that someone neatly staged Flowers’ death, possibly to aid the gunman who fatally wounded him.

His aunt, who wished to remain anonymous told the press, “Police have a lot of cover underneath this thing. All the police men know what happened, and they don’t want to say.”

Commissioner Whylie, and Assistant Superintendent, Alejandro Cowo, strenuously refuted that allegation from the family. Cowo, the officer commanding Criminal Investigations Branch in Belize City, told the press that they have statements from persons who were in the area at the time of Flower’s fatal shooting. These witnesses have described to investigators what they saw about how the incident played out.

The police have further added that the policeman who is being blamed for the killing is actually out of the country and has been out of the country for days, even before the killing.