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Thursday, 22 March 2018 00:00

Elmer Alexi Palma Arzu, a 27 year-old Honduran who had been living in Orange Walk Town, was found dead inside his taxi car on the Chan Pine Ridge road over the weekend. Palma Arzu was living in Belize for a year, and he recently started his own taxi business.

Police say that on Sunday, March 18, at around 9 p.m., they went out to an area on the Chan Pine Ridge road, where they found a white GEO Prism taxi car on the shoulder. Inside they found Palma Arzu’s body. Someone had shot him multiple times to the head and body. A resident found him about a half hour earlier, and the cops were then called in to take control of the crime scene, and retrieve his body.

Police say that he was last seen alive at around 3 p.m. that day, apart from that, investigators don’t have many leads to pursue.

His uncle Abel Francisco Murrillo, who is also a taxi driver from Orange Walk, told the press that he insisted in becoming employed in Belize as a taxi operator as well. He was working the job very well, and as far as his uncle knew, he had no problems.

Murrillo said that on Sunday, he received a call from a colleague who told him about a vehicle spotted on the Chan Pine Ridge road. They were concerned that it appeared to be Palma Arzu’s vehicle, and so he went out to the location himself.

Murrillo said that he turned on a light and checked the front seat, but he didn’t see any driver. So, when he checked the back seat, he spotted his nephew with his hands over his head. There was a lot of blood, and so he started shouting for him, in the hopes that he was still alive. He and his colleague then got in touch with police, who then arrived and took over.

Palma Arzu was not robbed of any of his belongings, except his cellular phone. His money, his wallet, and other belongings were all in the car, except his phone. The vehicle was not damaged, and so, that leads his uncle to believe that he was not killed in some sort of robbery gone bad.

Murrillo said he has heard rumors however, about why his nephew was killed.

He explained, “I don’t know. There are rumors, to be honest I am not sure, but there are rumors that he was dating a girl who was with another man who was jealous and that there were complications between the girl and that man. I hear rumors that it could be the reason that this happened to my nephew.”

He describes his nephew as a calm, easy-going individual, who worked hard to try to make his own fledgling taxi operations as successful as possible.