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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 22 March 2018 00:00

For those of you who have a fetish for the macabre and enjoy reading novels by Stephen king and Dean Koontz, I have a creepy tale to relate to you.  At around 6 am On Monday morning 19 March, I was leaning on the railing of my verandah when I saw a stray cat spring after a rat which was crossing the street.  As the stealthy feline closed the gap on its prey a white cargo van appeared out of the blue and crushed both creatures under its wheels. Nothing strange there, but as the cat lay writhing on the  macadam, the last of his nine  lives oozing from his body, a black, green-eyed blackbird flew down  from  my neighbour’s  flowering Cericote tree where it has a nest, and, without perching,  gave the cat two quick pecks on the head then flew back to safety.    This  particular  crow seemed to have instinctively recognized the cat as a bird’s mortal enemy, first as eggs then as hatchlings, and computed in its miniscule brain that the cat’s pestilent thrusts on the ground were death throes, so it assumed  that the feline was helpless and  decided to take a chance-lick or two at her enemy.

I shared that story to draw an analogy of the present political environment in our country today.   These days Belizeans are noticing that not only have the PUP Party Leaders suddenly eaten abundantly of the fruit of knowledge and intellect and are nightly gushing myriad solutions to all our economic and social challenges, but they also have their surrogates like Beavis and Butthead spouting nonsense on the Business Hour for 60 long minutes each Monday night. Now we notice that even some “independent” Senators too have been inoculated with this vaccination of vast knowledge and can readily identify what actions will and what will not work to solve the crime situation in the City. Like the crow in the story above all of them are taking pecks at a UDP they assume is dying. They talk of the UDP being fragmented, yet fail to realize that it is only the euphoria of recent electoral success which has the PUP strutting around with this tenuous façade of unity, until fight breaks out again like in 2012 when the PUP fell apart right before the Generals.

We all know that the word assume has three parts; “ass”, “U” and “me” which properly applies to the new-found bond that is holding the PUP together for the short term. As the time for the Generals draws near, you will see daggers drawn at Briceño and Hyde like never before.

One thing I will advise you: do not pronounce the UDP moribund while under the leadership of the Hon. Dean O. Barrow.  In 2003, the PUP assumed the UDP dead and treated the then Opposition with disdain. But Mr. Barrow hung in there fanning the embers until it sparked into a bonfire 2006. Thereafter the UDP enjoyed success after success with unprecedented town and village council victories and pocketed 3 Generals in the same period.   I will use one of the Amandala’s axioms and say that a dollar will get you fifty if Mr. Barrow does not turn this thing around and deliver again, you watch! For now, the PUP will continue enjoying the spotlight and visibly salivating at the thought of raping our country again. Also, PUP surrogate Smith will continue staging her pointless demonstrations until the bottom of the bucket falls out of the BNTPUP.  Too much of one thing no good Ms. Lena; people get cloyed. Especially if you are performing your show on behalf of the de-facto  BNTPUP president Palacio.