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Wednesday, 28 March 2018 00:00

The dispute between the males from the Louriano family and the Flowers family in Lake Independence, Belize City  has most likely resulted in yet another murder. 28 year-old Justin Emmanuel Orellana, was shot and killed inside his home in Lord’s Bank. All indications are that the killers executed him while he was asleep in his bed.

Police say that on Sunday morning, March 25, they were called out to a plywood house on Edwin Parks Street in Lords Bank. On a bed inside the house, they found Justin Orellana’s lifeless body. He was found under a blanket on the bed; and most unusually, he had a machete in the right hand. On closer inspection, the cops found gunshot injuries to the left hand and the chest. He was already dead by the time the cops were able to transfer his body to the KHMH.

Resident’s tell the press that in the early hours of Sunday morning, they heard the sound of gunshots ringing out loudly in the vicinity around them. Neighbors said that for fear of their safety, nobody came out to check and if anybody got hurt. Instead, it was not until one of the residents noticed that his door was opened in an unusual manner.  One neighbor reportedly saw him lying down motionless, but he was unable to see Orellana’s face. Once his family members were brought in, they quickly confirmed that he was killed.

They think that the shooter or shooters somehow managed to get his front door open, and while they did that, Orellana probably did not know what was happening, until it was too late to escape and take cover.

Orellana is the nephew of 52 year-old Bernadine Lauriano, the resident of Aloe Vera Street who was shot and killed 2 weeks ago inside her home. This innocent woman was killed likely in a street war between her son and another of his enemies, and they targeted her to try to hurt her son.

Last week 64 year-old Theresita Flowers and 17 year-old Delcia Blanco were shot and killed in their home on Tibruce Street, which is only 1 street away from Bernadine Louriano’s home. It is believed that these 2 innocent women were murdered in retaliation for Bernadine Louriano’s killing. Lord’s Bank residents say that for a brief moment, Justin Orellana was a person of interest who police wanted to rule out as a suspect in the double murder of the two women.

They also say that this was unusual, since he is known to keep mostly to himself. He reportedly goes only from his work, as a security guard for a BTL office in Ladyville, back to his home. He was also reportedly trying to stay away from the apparent blood feud that his relatives from Belize City were involved in.

Orellana was in the news as recently as 2014 after being acquitted of murder and manslaughter after being accused of stabbing his stepfather, Cecil Thompson, to death. Police charged him when he was only 17, and he spent 5 years on remand awaiting trial. He was acquitted of murder in 2012, and granted bail because the jury was hung on whether or not he was guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. 2 years later, he was re-tried for manslaughter, and he was acquitted completely.