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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 00:00

On Monday I visited the United Nations website Suffice it to say that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime has its work cut out; the task is daunting. Remember that before Christopher Columbus, the Western Hemisphere really did NOT have a problem with tobacco or cocaine. The old World knew opium and marijuana. The Opium Wars arose from China’s attempts to suppress the opium trade. You will definitely be shocked, down to your toes, when you study the history further! In 1839, England went to war with China because it was upset that Chinese officials had shut down its drug trafficking racket and confiscated its dope! Stating the historical record so plainly is shocking — but it’s true… Focus on the phrase “drug trafficking racket” for a few minutes, before you read further… Whenever you hear “drugs” and “trafficking” make that trip down Memory Lane.

When Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean, they saw financial opportunities – gold, silver, sugar, cotton and yes cocaine & tobacco. They eventually set up a New World Drug Trafficking Racket! Tiny little Belize has been swallowed up by the BIG BUCK$. Similarly, we have no metal works plants here in the Jewel, so even the very guns that we hear about in the news daily, have been ‘imported.’

Drugs, money and guns are only parts of the offending equation. What still needs to be added to the mix is ‘willing bodies.’ After fertilization, the human fetus grows in the womb for nine months. After birth the first five years are spent at home – with mother, father, siblings and other family members. There are different compositions of family, from ‘single mother’ right up… After age five the child spends one third of the day at school and the other two thirds of the time at home. Again, various periods are spent exposed to non-family peers; each situation is unique. The point that I want to emphasize is this: PARENTS then TEACHERS get the first and second crack on indoctrinating the young human mind! If the parents and the teachers fail to guide the innocent ship named ‘CHILD’ away from rocks & mines, AND fail to point “CHILD’ onto the proper path, then major trouble is in the future… Crash into the rocks!

Go back to 1/18/2018 on and review the words of Curtis Wade:” Dah ih ma mek ih get so, like I di tell you, yuh know. If you want yuh pickney grow right and raise right, train ah right mek he grow right.” Belize has absolutely NO control over the big, rich and powerful drug producing and consuming countries but parents and teachers can do something with their charges. The teachers and media deserve special mention because I know of two women who have been influencing the BNTU and Channel7 respectively for and on behalf of their #TrueBlue babies’ father! Mose the Ignorant has a distorted view of reality. He is manipulative, conniving, scheming and disingenuous! He dominates his audience by flying into wild rages – sometimes real, sometimes planned for effect. At other times he acts the soul of reasonableness, no matter how fanatical his schemes. He is masterful in giving the false impression that he is fair, caring, non-partisan and independent – when he is nothing but a rabid PUP. In 1971 “knock yu own ting, black is beautiful & UBAD Bread” were all very good. The Bad Bwai Kulcha that the Fence has pushed is the exact reason why the recent murders occurred in Lake I. Believe me when I tell you that the responsibility for destruction and slaughter rest partially with them; anything for money and power…

The PUP is indeed a criminal gang that entered politics. Nothing good has ever come out of that set. The things that we have control over MUST be where we put our best efforts. Strengthen parenting skills and demand that the BNTU address the PSE English grade of 50% and the atrocious Maths grade of 37%.