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Thursday, 05 April 2018 00:00

Last week, the Guardian Newspaper published our headline article titled, “Johnny Briceno and family own more land than most Belizeans,” under the article we published, two documents bearing the name of Phillipa Cadle. One of them was as a person certifying signatures as a justice of the peace and the other was as a person under who’s name along with Jaime Briceno and Neri Ramirez a parcel of land at Millers Bight was transferred.

Since our publication, it has come to our attention that the very Phillipa Cadle has had quite a significant amount of land which she has held, all while Johnny Briceno was minister of Natural Resources. The documentation we have come across reads as follows: 25 acres of land at Western Lagoon Area valued at $687.50 on 16 January, 2002; 6.519 acres at Little Vaqueros Creek Enclave Mountain Pine Ridge valued at a measly $678 on 19 July 2002; 50.024 acres of land at Western Lagoon which was valued at $2,201.06 on 10 February, 2003; 25 acres at North of Creekozeen Creek valued at $6,000 on 24 October 2006; she also held 25 acres at Young Gal/MCRAE valued at $1,625 on 17 November, 2006. That is a total of 131.543 acres of prime land for very small quantities.

The question is, who is this Phillipa Cadle? As best as we could determine, Cadle was once a secretary to Johnny Briceno. The next question that comes to mind is what has she done with the land? To that question we have no answer!

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