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Thursday, 05 April 2018 00:00

Area representative for Caribbean Shores, Karim Musa has done absolutely nothing in the area in the 2 and a half years since being elected to that office. And it is not because he does not have any resources, the reality is that every month almost 7 thousand dollars is allotted to each constituency for the establishment of an office as well as to assist constituents in their needs. This however seems to mean nothing to Musa, the only time you see him around is Easter time.

This year was no exception, he loaded up a pickup truck full of poopsies (very very very small fish), and drove around the constituency offering the people fish in bags. One person we spoke to explained that the fish were so small they could not even be gutted, much less scraped. She opted to feed the neighborhood cats with it.

But this type of hands out is what the PUP has perfected. We remember Ralph Fonseca giving away spoilt bananas in Belize Rural Central and Godfrey Smith giving away bags of weevil infested beans in Pickstock a few years ago. Now Musa returns with the same tactics. This is PUP Classic, keep the people poor, keep them hungry, keep them begging. They’d never think about teaching people to fish, they’d rather keep them dependent and feeding them poopsies.