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Thursday, 05 April 2018 00:00

The decomposing body of 21 year-old Dristen Justin Reyes, a resident of Teakettle Village, was found buried in a shallow grave near a farm in Camalote Village. He was last seen alive on Wednesday, and it is believed that he was killed and his body was dumped on Holy Thursday. He was supposed to celebrate his birthday with his family, but he went missing before that could happen.

On that same Thursday last week, family members had made a report to police that Reyes had gone missing.

Police say that on Friday, March 30, 2018, officers accompanied by villagers from Teakettle Village finally found him in the roaring river area of Camalote. His decomposing body was located about 500 yards off a feeder road.

Describing the horrible state that he was found in, his sister, Malarie Reyes, said, “they knock his teeth out of his mouth, he had a tooth that was way out, they bruised his face and they stamped him in the belly with a big shoes, steel toe boots and they shot him in the head with a license gun, they beat him and dragged him with a horse and the horse shoe is still there where they left evidence and the foot, they dragged him by his foot because the rope mark is on his foot.”

It’s a cruel end to this young man’s life, and his family has no idea why they killed him. They are speculating that he may have been killed over some stolen horses.

His sister told the press, “I heard the rumors that they told us… they told my cousin and my cousin told us, that it is about some horses. They had 3 horses that they stole from some Mennonites and police still have one of the horse and I guess they sold two of the horses and they promised him they would give them some money and they gave him. And I assume they beat him back for the money.”

They also believe that they know who the assailants are, and they suspect that these persons broke into their home and walked around, most likely to intimidate them into letting Dristen’s murder go, or another family member would be attacked.

This family is now fearful that these assailants are not done with them as yet.

Dristen Reyes was last seen by his family in Teakettle on Wednesday of last week. His last mission was to get a motorcycle repaired in Roaring Creek Village, but he did not return home.