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Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

Officer Commanding South Side Belize City, Sr. Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett announced on Tuesday April 10th that he is in the process of negotiating countrywide discounts on fuel at all UNO services stations. Gillett stated that the deal is not yet finalized but at the end of it officers would stand to benefit from a discount of between 6 and 10% on fuel. Additionally he has signed a deal in which Brothers Habet has agreed to give all officers posted in the South Side of the City to receive a 15% discount on purchase at that store.

“It’s a way of telling officers we are looking out for you and when we do all that we could do for our officers then we will demand more of them,” stated Gillett. He noted that the high command is helping officers to help themselves and in turn the officers must help the community. He added that at this point the high command is doing the very best to equip and incentivize officers and that there are many more things to come on board.

Discussions have already commenced with bus owners to have officers travel at reduced price. He cited that officers are asked to work long and dangerous hours and the least that can be done for them will be done so that in turn the citizenry can get the optimum out of the officers.

While Gillett spoke on the positive moves to improve conditions for officers, he also addressed the issue of officers using cellular phones while on duty. He noted that social media has overtaken the country and that the police department is not immune to it. However the matter is being addressed and he pointed out that being on the cell phone amounts to officers being inattentive while on duty and as such it can be addressed through the police’s tribunal system. He added that while some officers use CAT phones for police work some abuse it and go on social media with the devices. He asked that officers not use cell phones while on duty with the exception of emergency situations. And while the phone usage is a problem Gillett says that the department is addressing the issue and that, “in time that will go away.”