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Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

Last week when Mayor Bernard Wagner announced, that he would be holding weekly Wednesday clinics at City Hall, he perhaps did not anticipate the size of the crowd that would show up. This week’s clinic was the first clinic to occur after he made the official announcement. The plan for these clinics according to Wagner was to assist the people who he referred to as the “Barbarians at the gates.” Hundreds of people lined up outside of City Hall waiting their turn to get inside to get their share of the “financial assistance,” being given out by the Mayor. We say financial assistance rather loosely because what was happening was just PUP Supporters lining up to get a handout. These people were out there doing the same thing they have done every week at Said Musa’s office. They line up and get a little handout. Mayor Bernard has already gotten himself into trouble because of his controversial “social assistance” program when he illegally wrote checks to himself in order to finance this program. The question being asked by many persons is whether such a program being run by the Belize City Council is sustainable?

Many of the people we saw out there on Wednesday morning were those very people we saw campaigning for the PUP during the recent City Council Election. We don’t know if using tax paying Belize City residents’ funds as a political piggy bank is what Belize City Voters voted for, and they probably will be upset about seeing hundreds of persons most of whom are PUP Lake I supporters, lined up to receive money. We mentioned Lake I in particular because by virtue of Mayor Wagner being the BROTHER-IN-LAW of the Lake I area rep it shows a connection. This type of political tribalism can quickly see the Mayor become very unpopular. Perhaps Wagner will blame the (worker) of the City Council for not telling him that hundreds of people will show up.

The idea of having people lining up to get a few dollars is not a new one for the PUP. Mayor Wagner has taken us back many decades to the time when George Price used to hold Wednesday clinics at his office at the Treasury Building. Back then Price used to issue $2 and an old Belize Times or Belize Today. Treating our people like mendicants, has been the way the PUP remained in power all those years they were in government. For the PUP it was always about keeping our people poor and having them coming back for more handouts. The PUP has never been about making people self-sufficient by teaching them how to fish rather than giving them a fish. Many of the people who went to City Hall also went to see Said as soon as they left City Hall, because Wednesday was also the TWENTY DOLLAR DAY at Musa’s office.