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Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

Anke Doehm and her husband, 56-year-old John David Doehm (now deceased), were jointly charged with the offense of child neglect in the death of their adopted daughter. Their daughter, 13-year-old Fay Lin Cannon, died under questionable circumstances in July 2017 in San Pedro. In October 2017, months after securing Supreme Court bail, John Doehm took his own life after inhaling nitrogen while inside Room #523 at the Hotel Princess and Casino.

In December 2017 after receiving disclosure in the matter, the case Anke Doehm was set for PI but it was not until about a month ago that the case underwent the PI and was sent up to the Supreme Court for trial for child cruelty against 13-year-old Cannon.

On April 9, 2018, which marked the commencement of the April session of the Supreme Court, Anke appeared in court. While she showed up in court with her attorney Senior Counsel Ellis Arnold, the Supreme Court had no record for her to appear in court for that session. Her attorney advised her to return for the June session of the Supreme Court, set to commence on June 16.