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Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

Police have one person detained for questioning in the murder of 22 year-old Leeroy Haylock, also known as “Brian”, or “Fraud”. He was found stabbed to death on San Pedro, in an area known as “Tres Cocos”, which is several miles north of the island’s downtown area.

The cops say that at around 12:30 a.m. on Friday, April 16, they responded to reports of noise coming from an abandoned lot near the seaside. Islanders say that this location is a place where couples often go for some privacy, since it is a beachfront area, with a clear view of the island’s coast.

Instead of finding the disturbance to be something along those lines, however, the cops found Haylock’s lifeless body. Someone stabbed him several times to the abdomen, the chest, the arms, and the back; his throat was also slashed. Looking around in the area, officers also found a small knife which had blood on it. At this time, it is suspected that this was the weapon used to stab Haylock to death.

Currently, there are no known motives for Haylock’s killing, but his friends spoke with the press, suggesting that he was lured to his death in this particular area. He is reported to have had his share of enemies. Haylock’s friend, a female companion who asked not to be identified, told the press that on the evening of his death, word reached them that Haylock left with an acquaintance who led him up to the northern end of the island.

This friend said, “I got a call stating that they just took him out of the park, up the coast and we were like that didn’t sound good.”

This group of friends think that he agreed to leave with the person because it was someone he also associated with.

It is believed that he was then attacked by a group of people he had recently had an altercation with, and that’s when he was stabbed to death.

Haylock reportedly had regular run-ins with police, where he would be one of the usual suspects that they investigated and ruled out as a perpetrator for different petty crimes.

Opinions of his activities on San Pedro suggest deviation from a consistent pattern. He is described as a “hustler”, who worked with anyone to earn an honest living. His friends say that he struggled with finances, and he didn’t exactly have much family on the island. He’s originally from Ontario Village in the Cayo District.

Other residents say that he may have occasionally involved himself in the drug trade on the island. He was reportedly also very hurt by the January 2018 murder of Alfredo Cowo, the island resident who was shot and killed in Central Park. Islanders say that he was engaging in talks of retaliation for Cowo’s murder, since he considered Cowo as a good friend.

So, there are several theories about why he was killed, but none have be conclusively determined as the cause.

Paul Usher, another islander who tried to mentor him to do the right thing, told the press, “We grew up together in Ontario and I had always saw the guy as my little brother, because we both grew up without a father. Most of the youths need guidance and I was older than the guy and I triedS to encourage him to do the right thing… He always had an up-tempo spirit - always felt like we were wasting time sitting down doing nothing, like something is out there for us to achieve. We kinda grew up with nothing too, so the youth always had a fire to try own something in life.”