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Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

A UDP OW East political commentary

Xavier Dominguez and Robert met by chance on Cericote Street in the Louisiana Area of Orange Walk Town last Friday and started to chat.  Dominguez is a long –time UDP supporter from the days of Nacho Vega. This is what I was told of that conversation.

“Burt,” said Dominguez, “looks like a Trump/ Clinton thing caught us on March 7. We thought we were going to win, but we lost badly. Did you notice how all the former East representatives and candidates ganged up on the campaign trail to try bring down Aragon?  Check it out: The PUP had Dave Burgos, Marco Tulio, and Long- sleeve Carballo campaigning for them in our area. Even Landy was out there for the PUP. After all the things “el gandido” has said about the PUP in the past, he has now swallowed all his vomit and his pride to try get the PUP Town Council to buy hardware from his store! But them still buying from San Isidro and Rick’s Blocks. Now he claims someone broke into his house, stole all his things but amazingly none of his PUP neighbors saw anything. That is so unbelievable!  On the said campaign trail even the “sky Blue” vice- principal at our Government school, Blue Bonnet Ayuso, was seen campaigning for the PUP. He stabbed Aragon deep in his back. Once bitten twice shy, they say.  And did you see the “unamusing” comedian sucking up under the Lee man on Election Day and at Town Hall the Thursday wanting more paper?  This same bally done get three land from Gapi, but he wanted 2,000 acres like what Jamie and Nery get, so he could have sold it again. After the UDP assisted so many people, I don’t know why so many of our supporters turned against us or did not come out to the polls”, lamented Dominguez.

At that Robert suggested that “some say it is because Phillip changed Parties and lambasted the UDP publicly,   causing some die- hard UDP’s not to trust him; but myself, I think it’s the thousands upon thousands of hard currency which one Moguel had out there doling out to voters and promising them a  free piece of land if PUP wins the generals in 2020”.

Which land?” asked Dominguez sarcastically,   “Johnny done take all the land  across the New River, and  to the west Yo Creek blocks the town from expanding;  in the south,  San Jose Palmar obstructs us, and in the north, Trial Farm and Black Water traps us in.   The MNR says that the only land available for Orange Walk citizens is located all the way up the Phillip Goldson highway to the right of the Intelco/ Smart tower outside of Carmelita village.

Dominguez then bragged to Robert about his new March 2019 license sticker for his ’98 Toyota corolla”. “I got this free at Town Hall. I told them I was going Blue this time, and they said that to prove it I must allow a PUP taxi to pick me up on Election Day. They did not care how I voted, only to show up at the polling station in a blue- flagged car.  I swear that if my birthday was in February I would have gotten a free driver’s license too, but unfortunately it’s in September.” were Dominguez’s parting words.

“It seems that money in cash or kind was the order of the day on March 7”, Robert commented as the two friends walked away.

He forgot to share the gossip that Kevin Bernard has set up shop in the East and is gunning for PUP standard bearer Josue Carballo in this constituency in 2019. Let the fight begin!