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Thursday, 19 April 2018 00:00

What can only be described as a civil war is brewing in the PUP for the Port Loyola constituency. Cordel Hyde’s favorite, Candice Pitts, one month elected to the Belize City Council has been set up to run in the division. She is taking on the old-time standard bearer Gilroy Usher. It is quite the spectacle as the Usher camp is crying foul after he has put in so much effort in the division. Apparently however, the Hyde camp is saying that Usher is no good for Port and have opted to support the special friend, Candice Pitts.

Facebook has come alive with the ongoing feud as the war of words has intensified over the past few days with Usher bawling bloody murder and Pitts pressing on. We see images of Pitts all decked out as she is going house to house to the PUP faithful in the hope of getting their support in a convention that we understand is just a few days away.

Meanwhile even the son of Usher is bawling for his father. He writes, “It is clear some big people in PUP (sic) is trying to undermined and push aside my father Gilroy Usher. It just hurt me to set (sic) and watch that happen and not say anything…PUP have been out of power for a long time while Port, collet, Queen square and Messup.. have been UDP strong hold. I have seen with my father and his committee hard work over the years bring back port to the PUP… I know my father will still beat Miss Pitts in a convention because of the work he had put on over the years. I see the convention as a waste of money that could be use to help people in port. I saw a post where the party leader commented and said good work in support of something Miss Pitts posted. Now everyone have the right so support who they want but I think as the party leader he should remain mutual…”

As the days go by we will keep monitoring this since feelings are truly raw and it will take but a little for things to escalate. The fact that the PUP party leader, Johnny Briceno and Deputy Party Leader Cordel Hyde are openly supporting Pitts, speaks volumes of what they think of Usher. To them he is a nobody who can work only to embarrass the PUP. We’ll keep following this.

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